First off i just wanted to say that this book really grabbed me and pulled me in to the worlds of the B roward County 8 Less 1 Bobby Kent. I first read this book in 1995 i thought it was a tragic tale of what can happen to kids who get wrapped up in a twisted plot. I recently saw the movie Bully and it brought back the old feelings. I think it is a well played out movie I think the characters are convincing as well. I have recently been speaking to Marty Puccio via mail for the last couple of months. We have become friends not really touching on what happened that nioght in July 1993.

>>By Greg Del Grande   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 18:53)

I would love to have Marty's address. If you could, please e-mail it to

>>By Michelle   (Wednesday, 19 Mar 2003 20:39)

I would also like to have Marty's address if that's ok. My email address is

>>By Paradise   (Monday, 2 Aug 2004 08:11)

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