Passion Of Christ


I thought this was a very poor film, full of cheap shots, and cliches, bringing to the subject very little of the true meaning of Christ's life (Whether you believe it or not) .Atmospherically it was very good and had a very dark quality, although I didn't see the point of it not being spoken in English. Overall it was way too over violent- I doubt if Jesus suffered quite as much as is portrayed in the film. He would have just been almost another routine execution where life was cheap and nothing to get too het up about. I can't really see why he would have been picked out for extra flogging to the degree portrayed in the film. I'm not sure what Mel Gibson's point is and exactly what he was trying to portray. The film ends too abruptly- perhaps Gibson didn't like the end as it wasn't violent and sensational enough...
I was not moved atall by the film. I should have been.

>>By martian2   (Friday, 4 Jun 2004 22:31)

South Park
on The Passion Of Christ
pretty much sums up
aussie mel
& his band of devotees

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 5 Jun 2004 01:40)

i think the violence portrayed would have been pretty much what jesus would've suffered! im not a Ned Flanders r anything, but i did enjoy the movie. Yea it was told from a very "one sided" view but that Mel Gibson's choice, i think the movie was just so controvercial because it was about Jesus, i actually admire Mel Gibson for wantin to do this film not many would! Yea i do have to agree, i dont know why the movie couldn't be put in english? but hey, what ya gonna do?

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Monday, 4 Oct 2004 00:26)

I think how you view this movie depends a lot on whether you accept the theology behind it. If you believe Jesus died to atone for humanity's sins, you will have a different perspective than if you reject that idea. I think Gibson did a good job of presenting his beliefs on screen. I saw it. I was a bit disappointed, but I wasn't shocked. There were historical inaccuracies. For example, Roman soldiers in Judea would have spoken Greek not Latin. A condemned prisoner only carried the crossbeam, not the whole cross. But I'm not sure it matters that much. I found the controversy about the film more enlightening than the movie itself.

>>By Mikey_Canuck   (Monday, 4 Oct 2004 03:04)

well I'm not actually sure that Jesus was lashed as much as in the film...this may seem nit picky...excuse me I just had to do an art review on it.

anyway, after studying crucifixion art it was noted that artists usually showed Jesus as suffering more than the theives in order to raise him above them...they didnt want him to appear on the same level as the theives....

additionally when you consider the sizes of the gospel accounts of Christ, the actual crucifixion takes up a very little space (in ratio)...apparently some of the imagery used in the film was taken from records of a mystic nun's visions (marĂ½ mopping up the blood)...and they would have had to research into other outside sources for punishment methods used (so the cat-0-nine-tails may have been used but then it may have not)

nevertheless, this is all a little nit picky, but I am getting to a point believe me... :-p
I understand the use of violence (sort of like the amount used in Saving Private Ryan, the violence isnt used gratuitously)
BUT I think the amount of violence inflicted on the christ figure in the film diminished a later significant event (in the eyes of the apostles, for they all mention it) that is that it is unexpected when Jesus dies so quickly (alluding to the spiritual fact along with the physical)...the quickness of his death also shows his control over it; he says it is finished ...and IT IS FINISHED...

but those watching the film, having seen the numerous amounts of times that Jesus falls over, it is more of a suprise that he didnt die before he even got to the cross

Despite all this being

>>By madamecoffee   (Monday, 4 Oct 2004 13:24)

The mystic nun you mention is Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich: She's just been beatified by the Catholic Church, which is a step short of sainthood.

Gibson's use of Emmerich's visions was controversial, because many people believe she was antisemitic. Also, his use of that material contradicts the claim that the film is historically accurate.

Other people have wondered how Gibson's Jesus survived long enough to reach the cross. I read an article about Roman crucifixion that made the scourging sound worse, believe it or not, than what you see in the film. According to the article, Roman scourging ripped away skin and muscle to the point where you could see the prisoner's internal organs. It's horrible to think about.

>>By Mikey_Canuck   (Monday, 4 Oct 2004 18:52)

I am coming from the POV of a devout Christian so those of you who are already turned off by this may want stop reading.

God is good. God loves. We must acknowledge this as Christians and begin to truly understand this. I ask as a human being, would God want you to sacrifice your son? Would it truly be right to sacrifice your son, even to save the world? God sent His son down here to save the human race, this I believe, but He did not send him to be killed. Christ's legacy lives on not in his death, God is not a merchant, He does not trade one death for another. Christ came here to teach. His LIFE is more important than his DEATH. The fact that he died in the manner he did is shameful, but it is not why he is great. If all he needed to do was die, he could've done it without trying to clarify everything that the human race had experianced spiritually up until then. His greatest legacy was in his teaching, in telling us what we already know, to quote: "Be excellent to one another". Love everyone and respect everyone. Suffering is not the important part of him.

>>By pgrmDave   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 21:50)

um...well i think it was in aramaic to add would be a bit silly having it in english with an american christ dont u think?
also...i think it was a fair portrayal of how jesus would have suffered.
I really like it but i didnt like the thing that was supposed to be looked a bit like a girl....
It actually made people become christians in mass....what do you guys think of that? i thought mel gobson was very brave and it paid off big time.....perhpas not financially....

>>By roly   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 00:26)

I am athiestic but the movie was good. I understand the use of latin and i think that once you get used to it you dont even realize that you are reading the words. Please dont hate me because I am athiest

>>By Megano   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 02:27)

This movie portrayed exactly what Christ went into when He sacrificed his life for the Christians. He was willing to give His entire life up just to let us live in the future. This movie was pretty "gore"-y and bloody, but it's like that to exemplify and strengthen a point. Gibson didn't want us to cower in horror from Christ's continuous wounds. He wanted us to learn of and see live exactly what Jesus Christ went through in order to help us live. This is a very strong and informative movie when you look deep into it and appreciate Christ for who HE is!

>>By aaronzcandy   (Monday, 28 Mar 2005 09:56)

How many times has the bible been rewritten, and by how many different point of views? I believe, if Mel Gibson where the Pope, then his movie would be THE EXACT fact. The End. I mean really, what a joke religion is. I do believe in God, but I think the Bible is mostly bullshit.

>>By ~*Sisaro*~   (Monday, 28 Mar 2005 18:42)

I saw the movie twice in the theater last Spring and once recently on TV watching the VHS tape.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Thursday, 31 Mar 2005 04:16)

Got the greatest respect for those who sincerely walk and live with the love of Jesus. I do believe in Jesus too and i do believe in His love. Yet the way i believe in Jesus is more like a scientist believing in A. Einstein, a musician believing in music.... I believe He was an extraordinary man who walked on Earth 2000 years ago. A man that've must had a tremendous way of thinking and bringing love to the world. The words in the New Testament are really gentle for the heart.
I believe that is what it's all about and NOT us being a witness of His suffering as He did in this movie. I think of the movie as a good one, fact. But i don't know the point of M. Gibson what he wanted to say. The Bible indeed says 'Jesus got whipped and spanked'. These are the five words about his torture. Jesus is about hope, love, finding strength, finding peace.......

>>By Sanvean   (Saturday, 2 Apr 2005 18:24)

my bro rented it i saw bits and pieces its not that good but that might be because i am an athiest

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005 00:58)

My main concern with the movie is whether in learning the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, the visual representation of the movie overshadows that individuals own development of the mysteries. Kind of like the danger of watching the movie before reading the book.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005 13:35)

This is a minor concern over all though, and I would give this movie two thumbs up, and Fahrenheit 9/11 two thumbs down.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005 13:37)

I'm chiming in later than the rest of you. Let's get this straight. I am NOT Catholic, but I am a Christian. Catholics have their own 'Catholic Bible' in which they've deviated a bit from 'THE' Bible. The 'Catholic' Bible and the Catholic 'religion' teaches things that are NOT biblically true. They believe in Pergatory. If you'll compare a Christian cross to a Catholic cross, you'll see that the Catholics depict Jesus still there, while Christians depict Jesus gone, thus recognizing the resurrection. Catholics believe that Jesus' death was NOT sufficient enough to attone for our sins, but that we must pay some sort of price and that humans, on earth, can pay or pray the deceased one's trip from pergatory. This is preposterous and NOT scriptural, as well as insulting to Jesus. In addition, the second commandment in the Bible was taken OUT of the Catholic bible, thus allowing them to practice their idolatry toward the Saints, and not Jesus alone. These are my issues with Catholisism.

The Bible, for those of who who question it, has been TRANSLATED, but NOT 'rewritten.' There are bibles that anyone can purchase AND websites and software to download where we can ALL read side by side the Greek, Latin, and Aramaic and English translations side by side. In addition, go ahead and read yourself several 'versions' of a passage or two and you will see that the wording may be the same or similar, but the idea is exactly the same! So, no, the Bible is not 'bullshit' nor has it been rewritten in the sense that the original meanings have been changed. Quite the contrary, as painstaking efforts have been made throughout the years to assure accuracy. Taking so called 'religion' out of the Bible it is the ONLY book in the world claiming to have a supernatural origin. In addition, I challenge anyone to prove any of God's laws or Jesus' teachings fallible. Science is in the Bible, and was written before man 'discovered' it. Science today PROVES the Bible true, such as Noah's flood leaving massive amounts of fossils, footprints, etc. of ocean life on mountaintops and man's footprints alongside dinosaurs footprints in identical rock layers. Also, math is in the bible, as any of us can count the generations and years back from Jesus to Adam, therefore accurately calculating the age of the earth to be no more than 8000 years old. In addition, archaeology, other historical documents, geology, and geography all prove the word of the Bible true rather than false. This book is the ONLY reliable History book used by the Smithsonian institute. Emotionally and 'spiritually' speaking, after you take that leap of faith and accept Jesus as your personal savior, repent of your sins, read your Bible, apply the laws and principals, and pray for guidance and strength every day in every way, you'll begin to understand and SEE the changes both physically and emotionally, of the words of Jesus and then you'll know that His words were true as well.

In addition, I don't believe in "religion" and neither did Jesus. Just read what he said to the so called 'religious' leaders of his day, and you will see how much Jesus rebuked them! 'Religion' is a man made term for man centered worship and glorification of self. "Religion" is NOT what God has with man, but a Relationship is what God has, or wants to have, with man. God did not have a 'religion' with Adam and Eve , but rather he had a personal relationship with them. If God is our father, then we have a father-child relationship with Him, if we choose. If we choose not to, He said that he'll leave us to our own 'depraved minds and wicked ways.' So he's working in believer's lives while you wallow away in self. He'll be there when you're ready for him. However, as a father to a child you cannot attempt to use him when YOU feel the need and shun him the rest of the time and expect Glorification in a perfect Heaven in the end. Jesus said that the gates to Heaven are narrow, but the path to Hell is wide. Someone here said that Jesus life was more important than his death, and that God did not send Jesus here to die. Actually, the opposite is true. Jesus life was of the utmost importance, otherwise his teachings would not have been so controversial then and still now over 2000 years later. But we have to ask ourselves, is Jesus God incarnate or not? There is NO in-between. If Jesus was NOT God in the flesh, then he was a big liar and we have NO basis for our belief nor any hope of a glorified afterlife in Heaven, or a horrible eternity in Hell. If Jesus WAS who he said he was, then his life was important, yes, BUT his death WAS the reason he came. In the Old Testament God required blood sacrifice for cleansing of sins. That requirement has NEVER left us! Only now, we are blessed enough to have Jesus blood as our sacrifice! The reason Jesus came was to teach, but also to DIE for us! If he'd NOT died and risen from the dead, then we'd have no attonement and Jesus would have just been a regular man, and NOT a savior. That is WHY God sent Him, was to die, but first to teach and prove/show that God IS real and IS the holy, soverign creator of the universe. God has placed it within all of us to have the ABILITY and the DESIRE to be in His family for His pleasure and His purpose. Sadly, most people want to deny him and live a life in rebellion to him, so they never believe and blind themselves to the truth that is all around us and SO evident in everything! Everything from the stars to the depths of the sea was CREATED by God in 6 24/hour days, as claimed in Genesis, for God's pleasure and purpose. Evolution does not exist, and not only can it not be proven, but is HAS been proven to be impossible to have happened. May I suggest a book called 'The Evolution of a Creationist' for EVERYONE!

Lastly, if you'll take the time to read the Bible, you'll see that although the descriptions of Jesus' trials, beating, and subsequent death are brief, they are to the point. The Bible says that he was beaten beyond recognition and, yes, the cat of nine tails was used ... it must have been according to the description. A few small things in the movie show: Mary and Mary cleaning up Jesus blood .. .this may have happened or may have been 'Hollywood' but it does not make any difference to the events that took place and the meaning behind Jesus death, so no harm done there. Also, those who mentioned it were right, typically the 'criminal' only carried one cross beam. However, it is written that Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the beam because he WAS so beaten and so weak. Did Jesus fall that many times in life as in the movie? The bible is not explicit on that, but does it make any difference to what He was going through and why? No. Also, the nails were shown going through the hand. This is also false. The spikes (not nails) would have had to go through the wrist. If you'll read a doctor's description of what happens to the body during a crusifiction, the body's weight would have ripped the spikes out after that long of a time, so they always put the spikes through the wrist, as the bones above and below the spikes would have held the spikes in. Let us not forget, too, that LONG before crucifixion was a form of capitol punishment, Jesus death was prophecied in that manner. Also, Jesus fulfilled over 300 old testament prophecies. Accoring to modern man, a 'regular' man with the most elaborate of technology could have pulled of MAYBE 40 'prophecies' or miracles, but probably not even that many, but Jesus fulfilled over 300 with NO modern technology, no tricks, no lights, no magic, just the power of God.
Well, I think that's about it. I hope this lesson was of help to you, from a REAL Christian, who is saved by the 'blood of the Lamb' and lives a Christian life devoted and dedicate to Jesus Christ in every way ... this from a former thief, liar, blasphemer, adulterer, etc. If I can be saved from the pit of Hell, anyone can! Have a blessed day! :)

>>By Shannon   (Tuesday, 18 Jul 2006 04:51)

Was there any point in remaking The Life of Brian? It's not half as funny.

>>By defacer   (Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006 17:52)

Hey Shannon. Some point you made over here. You being a Christian is definitely not to doubt. The love you have for Jesus is a sincere one.
The words you posted made quite an impression to me. Like i wrote on my first post over here i respect people who has the courage to give their heart, their life to Jesus. As far as i know a Christian needs to be baptised in the name of Jesus with water and to left old life behind, to let the old (sinful) life die. To do something like that you must make a choise that will have enormous impact for life. And ofcourse the love you'll receive for that is a love of undescribable worth, yet to make a choise like that i think is really something else.
But why do you hang on to facts that much ? What would it matter for your love if God did or did not create life in six days? Would it change your relationship with God? Your love for Jesus? I don't think so, i think it would be a shame if love needs to depend on facts, if it needs to be proven. And i don't think there is a need for you to proof the love you have for Jesus. Besides, we are all different people with different views, with different thoughts and ofcourse different dreams. So we all do have different interpretations of facts, interpretations we want to defend because those facts make part of our own ideas, ways of thinking. It concearns to those too who walk in the love of Jesus. And given your life to Jesus makes your point a part of own identity, the facts that give room to people to discuss and debate about. But no one ever wants to debate the love inside with others. But it happens when love also includes fact. It's like discussing the love you have, defending it. History has also proven that that can go way out of hand.
And something else: you believe your way with Jesus is more true than the way of a Catholic. Don't be so hard on them. Don't judge them just because they believe different. It is just something inevitable because we all are different. What could there be wrong with that if they find the peace and hope they're longing for ? Maybe Jesus would be more in comfort with people finding peace with a different view, more than with those who judge them. Like Jesus said in Matthew 7:1 & 2 : ....Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, ye shall be judged. And with what measures you mete, it shall be measured to you again.......It is a fact that these are the words of Jesus in the Bible.
I guess we all are on the road of life to discover, to make mistakes and to learn from it, growing in strength and in love so it would get much easier for us to respect and have patience for eachother. To understand eachother would make it a lot easier to live life the way life is given.

>>By Sanvean   (Thursday, 20 Jul 2006 01:02)

I just watched this movie recently for the first time and the whole concept of it not being in English is better for Jesus was Hebrew and spoke in that language.

I for one am not a Religious type of person but i think the movie was incredible. I believed Jesus did walk the earth performing miracles and that movie shows how much he endured for the points he was trying to make about his father.

Im sure the beatings given to Jesus in the movie isn't even close to the beatings he had suffered from the Romans and Jews.
And when they made him carry the cross, i didnt think they would beat him up over and over again and kick him to the ground but hey its hollywood.

Basically the whole movie shows how Jesus was determined to make his point about God and what he endeavored from his life for the people and he actually forgave those who crucified him and watched him die.

>>By ForkInMyEye   (Monday, 24 Jul 2006 05:11)

i like
family guy's
to the SEQUEL

The Passion of the Christ 2: Crucifi This

'Let he who is without sin kick the first ass.'

>>By Tchock   (Friday, 4 Aug 2006 17:08)

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