My Brilliant Career


This was a film I recently studied for English. Unfortunately, apart from my teacher and myself no one else enjoyed this brilliant piece of cinematograhpy. They prefered the mass-produced Hollywood rubbish.

I liked this film because it is not overly dramatic. There are no explosions or danger, no strong young heroes and scantily-clad women, or evil villians which are other stereotypical of normal movies, but the simple telling of a delightful story. The story of an ordinary young girl, becoming a women, in a society that expects and demands certain qualities from women. Enslaved in this male-run oppressive Victorian era, Sybylla struggles against family, and love, as she rebels and tries to come to terms with her spirited nature and desires to persue an artistic career sset amongst the backdrop of outback Australia in the late 19th Century. Appaling poverty and squalor, with beggars and squatters, is contrast with the luxury of Sybylla's grandmother and her grandmothers friend. It is also one of Sam Neill's earliest movies he apears in.

I recomend this film to anyone who appreciates fine cinema and rich tales, with character, hardship and real acting.

>>By Reinhardt von Fa├╝lkenhausen III   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 22:28)

Oh... my class from HK is studying this stupid film also...
don't you think it is pretty boring and well... no other word to describe it!
A movie with merely two persons trying to attract each other... disgusting!

>>By Miss Bored   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 14:21)

Hi, I actually enjoyed the movie 'My Brilliant career'.
It shows how far women in society have come. We are now able to do and live the things that Sybylla dreamed.

I also found that the movie wasn't only about a love story between two people but also about gaining your individuality, of course this came at a price, for Sybylla that price was "loneliness" and she realises this by telling Harry in 'Possum Gulley' "That I've [Sybylla] got to do it alone" she "Can't lose herself in someone else's life, when I [Sybylla] haven't lived my [her] own".
'My brilliant career' was a journey of hardship, difficulty and growing spiritually. It is a film that I truely enjoyed and would recommend to those who enjoy true entertainment.

>>By Luke_16v10   (Monday, 12 May 2003 15:01)

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