Monty Python


Why i am french, can you not tell by my outraaaaaaaaaageous accent?!

>>By   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 13:23)

Welcome to the Castle Anthrax!

>>By Zoot   (Monday, 26 May 2003 00:06)

Why, this board is as quiet as a dead parrot.

>>By Mickalos   (Monday, 30 Aug 2004 18:43)

> Why, this board is as quiet as a dead parrot.

Everyone is out looking for the Holy Grail.

>>By Mikey_Canuck   (Monday, 30 Aug 2004 23:38)

(arm around son
staring out the castle window
accross the great expanse)

"one day son, this will all be yours"

"what...........the curtains ???"

>>By Helmet   (Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 05:27)

"Bring forth the holy hand grenade of Antioch."

"First thou shalt count to three, no more no less, not two, not four or five, but three, and three shall be the number of the counting. Four thou shall not count, nor thou shall count to two unless thou shall proceed to three. Five is right out.
Once thou has counted to three, thou lobest thou holy hand grenade at thy enemies, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."

>>By Tchock   (Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 22:49)

Well i wasn't expecting that.


>>By Mickalos   (Saturday, 4 Sep 2004 10:35)

would i be right in assuming that this board is currently just somewhere for people who enjoy gratuitous quoting?

>>By lord_melchett   (Wednesday, 29 Sep 2004 04:07)

I think the point of this board is to have fun. Some people do that by quoting their favourite Monty Python lines.

>>By Mikey_Canuck   (Wednesday, 29 Sep 2004 13:57)

OH MY GIDDY GOD!! they are sneaking up my driveway right now!! i dont wanna go bak to the room with the padded walls!! I shalt defend myself with my bak to a wall and a deer horn and sword in my hand!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i will not go silently!!!! HAVE AT YOU!!!!!

>>By Megano   (Friday, 1 Oct 2004 04:14)

spam spam spam spam...

>>By pgrmDave   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 21:53)

eeeeee-eewwwwww !!!!!
i don't like SPAM !!!!!

>>By Helmet   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 00:04)

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
I sleep all night and I work all day !!!

>>By Huntress Artemis   (Sunday, 10 Oct 2004 00:48)

I cut down trees, I skip and jump
I love to press wild flow'rs
I put on women's clothing
And hang around in bars

Hey, everybody needs a hobby. Right?

>>By Mikey_Canuck   (Sunday, 10 Oct 2004 20:03)

And hang around in bars
I wish I'd been a girlie
Just like my dear papa

>>By Helmet   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 05:19)

Oh knights of... who until recently were called Ni, what is it that you wish us to do now?

First thou shall bring us another shrubbery!! Just there with a two level effect and a little path ring... then thou shall cut down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring!!

>>By Tchock   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 20:30)

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