Meet The Feebles


Oh my God, how on Earth do movies like this happen? Even more hard to understand, how can someone go from making such an outrageous and disturbing film, go on to make one of the most visually and well-received movies of our time? Peter Jackson did an amazing job with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, as we know he did so well, the movie got something like 11 Academy Award nominations. So tell me, how does one get to that level of cinematic respectability from starting out doing movies like Meet the Feebles? This movie is not, and I stress this, NOT for children. It smacks of indecency, drug use, vulgar sight gags, sexual themes, and just all kinds of things that would make any decent person feel a little embarrassed to witness. I have a pretty thick skin, and can find humor in almost anything, but even I was a little appalled with some of the stuff in this movie. I even questioned whether or not I should even bother to post a review of this movie here. But being one to feel the need to inform the public, I sat through this one, one late night running on very little sleep (hoping that that would soften the blow). So what is the movie about? Think, part The Muppet Show, part Greg the Bunny (minus the humans), have the thing dreamed up by a Howard Stern/Larry Flynt-type person, and you are only just a little prepared for this. The story basically is set in a world where puppets are actually alive, although they are not referred to as puppets, the inhabitants of this world are all different animal characters, i.e. rats, giant spiders, hippos, flies, worms, and porcupines. The big thing in town is a hit variety show called Meet the Feebles, the cast is made up of a (to put it politely) colorful cast of misfits, drug addicts, smut peddlers, washed up actresses, and naive starlets. Scandals and just plain silliness run amok. I really don't know how else to explain this movie, although I admit there were some funny moments, I just kept hoping the movie would end soon the whole time I watched it. As for the (hard-to-find) disc, there are no special features, the video quality is shoddy at best, and the numerous trailers for even worse quality low-budget horror films are more like cheap B-movie porno’s. There is only one word to sum up this flick, sick and inappropriate... ok make that 2 words. Next in line, for Peter Jackson's questionable past in filmmaking, is a horror film toted as being "one of the goriest" of all time, Dead Alive. Wish me luck, if I find it. As for Meet the Fecals, I mean Feebles, I can only give it a 1.8.

>>By Led Gopher   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 06:47)

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