Me Without You


Anyone know this movie? Does anyone know if there's a text version of it somewhere? A script? A novelization?


>>By Arystocrat   (Sunday, 8 Feb 2004 03:05)

I Don't think it was a text version. ...Probably just a screenplay. not sure how you would get copy of that.

>>By fwues   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 20:58)

I really liked this movie. I guess you would classify it as a sortof a "chick flick". But it runs the gamut. It shows a glimpse of what suburban London in the 70's and 80s was like. Being American, I guess I always thought it was really different. My opinion changed - It could have been set in Australia or Cananda or even New York etc. I think it really strikes a chord with the Gen-X as they approach or are at age 40. I wish it would have touched more on the events of that period in time in Britain. ...Falklands, drug epidemic, etc. It just touched on those lightly. There was none of the aftermath of drugs and alcohol like the rise of rehab all over the place in the late eighties. It didn't stop the party, but it became the fodder against the war on drugs. ...ya-da-ya-da-ya I'm getting off topic...........

The real story is the bond between Marina and Holly and how it lasts and lasts. think about it. How many people are still like that today? I see that a lot in the States. I'm like that--still have my old school friends. A lot of 'em are still around.

>>By fwues   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 05:25)

I realized something recently: About that same scene where somebody was asking about the classical music - the one where each of the girls are walking in the woods with that American "professor", and they go under the bridge (coming it's Holly --then going out, it's Marina)

What does Marina want to watch on the television? what are Marina and Daniel talking about ...some kind of soap opera or something? =? "bookends" or something... Don't know what they are talking about. They also mention a movie called "Wild Strawberries".

quote from IMDb -
"Wild Strawberries" is an Ingmar Bergman picture film. It was made in 1957 in Black and White in Sweden. It is about a professor who is a doctor who looks back on his life experiences. He rides in with his daughter-in-law to the university where he is to receive an honorary degree. He had a dream about his death. He goes on to think about his past life and later dreams more about it. They stop on the way to visit his past. He examines his coldness and how he became that way in the end breaking through. I guess that Daniel, the professor in this film can be compared with his coldness to Professor Borg in "Wild Strawberries" and perhaps that could be the reason it was mentioned. [sic. from a discussion board, 'Me Without You']

>>By fwues   (Wednesday, 23 Feb 2005 14:33)

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