Me And You And Everyone We Know


me and you and everyone we know is the most charming movie i have seen in a long time. . .

the music and cinematography were perfect. . .and very understated. . .

oh man. . .and pooping back and forth forever. . .who ever thought an idea like that could lead to romance? kids rock! )) <> ((

>>By drowninginflame   (Monday, 31 Oct 2005 18:43)

refreshing, full of surprises. warm and optimistic. a rare one. if you are in a love relationship and you and your partner both like this film, you'll be in love for a long time. very long time. if you and your family watch it together, and all enjoy it, you have a very close relationship.

>>By   (Friday, 9 Jun 2006 16:25)

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