mallrats kicks ass! everything Kevin Smith does does...hehehe does does jesus

>>By nosupremists   (Wednesday, 24 Sep 2003 03:37) of the best movies ever to be placed on this planet.

>>By Becka   (Wednesday, 24 Sep 2003 21:14)

this movie was brilliant LOL when i put it on i couldnt stop laughing Jay and silent bob are brilliant. LMAO i LURVE this film hehehehehehehe.

>>By Mayndi   (Sunday, 8 Aug 2004 18:54)

This movie was so awesome, it was a modern day "Breakfast Club". Just a bunch of crazy kids left loose in a mall. Not to mention that it was the world's glimpse of Jaz and Silent Bob.

>>By Wednesday   (Wednesday, 16 Mar 2005 23:33)

Snoochie boochies!I fucking LOVE this movie! "YOU KNOW WHAT?! THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY! OVER THERE, THATS JUST A GUY IN A SUIT!" I saw that in the trailer and I had to see it! And not to mention the 'Stink palm' bit. That was nasty but hillarious! With the raunchy humor from Brody , the love-sick TS with his repeated arguments with Mr. Svenning, the non-stop wisecracks from Jay, the over-the-line stunts Silent Bob tries to pull off, and the countless number of times that Lefours chases after all of them, the movie keeps you laughing the way through!If you don't already have it, then you have to run out and buy this movie as soon as possible!

>>By lilred   (Wednesday, 18 May 2005 04:40)

I watched it again yesterday and it stilll doesn't fail to impress...This movie is brilliance...

>>By pinkfluffybrickmeister   (Saturday, 21 May 2005 09:34)

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