Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


*sighs* Am I the only one in here who liked this movie? I have the pleasure of seeing the place in australia it was filmed, and I fell in love with it. It even made the movie more fun to watch.

>>By Lady_Key   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 14:59)

No you aren't. I like the whole series, but my fav is part 2. I like the atmosphere - nice 'n pessimistic point of view. Besides the vehicles rock.

>>By man9   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 15:34)

this is a classic..

>>By harpoon_sha   (Friday, 3 Sep 2004 19:51)

Classic Aussie movie!! I played an extra in it!! YAY!

>>By ladyhawk   (Saturday, 4 Sep 2004 15:27)

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