lordy lordy lordy. . .this movie is beyond excellent!

i've always loved christian bale. . .and he goes above and beyond the call of duty as trevor reznik.

the dedication he displays for this movie is just phenomenal! honestly. . .i've never seen an actor look so disgustingly creepy. . .and disturbing. . .all for the sake of a good part!

the look, feel, and overall presentation of the machinist is just superb. . .i'd recommend this movie to anyone!

>>By drowninginflame   (Monday, 13 Jun 2005 08:26)

I agree completely re: Bale's performance and devotion to the part. But while the movie was quite character driven, I found the plot somewhat lacking.

I enjoyed The Machinist but while watching it I found I kept waiting for more...for another layer...for something more unexpected to happen...I think I was hoping for s/thing more along the lines of Memento which I loved!

seen it?..if so what did you think?

>>By MChiara   (Wednesday, 6 Jul 2005 09:39)

Absolutely fantastic this film Chrisitan Bale shows just whata great actor he is from being stick thin to built in batman the is so damn brilliant

the whole consept of the movie is so weird like how that man got his hand cut off while he was busy staring at somebody who was not even there so damn excellent I think its up there with Donnie Darko

>>By The puzzler   (Saturday, 9 Jul 2005 23:48)

I had this film on my list of movies to see since it came out. I think Christian Bale was outstanding! And nothing less. He actually lost a ton of weight to do this, and he was really committed for the whole thing, which is what I like in an actor and what makes them stand out as actors. I felt really sorry for him throughout the whole film, the character anyways. I kept wondering also whether he was really skinny, or it was done with makeup and computer, ie fake. When I saw the extra after the film, I was so shocked... I really loved the way it was filmed, I love the colouring and scenery, it's really eerie. The scene I liked most was when Trevor was walking around the theme park with Nicholas, it was really beautiful and looked like fantastic photography. And I loved the ending. Bravo Christian Bale, bravo. .. Like I said when I saw Batman Begins, I still think Christian Bale has really nice teeth.

>>By xfadetobrightx   (Sunday, 10 Jul 2005 03:32)

it is certainly one of my favorite movies.chiristian bale i agree is chocking.i liked the plot and the way montages are.and from another perspective the film is realist in the way it portrays the paranoya and "folie des grandeur"in our time of the Machine.

>>By the haunted   (Wednesday, 7 Jun 2006 00:48)

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