Lonesome Dove


What can you say? This is the best epic western ever made. In my opinion at least. Best performance of Duvall's career. Fantastic storyline, outragious characters, and plenty of Drama and suspence , a deffinate must see.

>>By BrokenAngel   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 05:17)

ididn' care for the family trip of the cowboys being so cool ithink people are people whereever you go and hollywood should play down the hero image thats used in westerns its either the good guy or the bad guy nothing in betweenbut i especially like the part where he tore out the heart of the german soldiernot that iam predigist aginst german soldier heaven forbid.

>>By hedgehog   (Friday, 2 Jul 2004 05:14)

Hmmm... Hedgehog -- I think you are thinking of another movie. ;-) No German soldiers or heart-removal in Lonesome Dove.

Lonesome Dove is one of the few westerns I can get into. Totally agree with BA on this. Robert Duvall is great in this! TLJ too, but Bobbie just steals the show! Good writing, good acting, fine story.

And these guys aren't HEROS... they are regular guys in the west. Watch the movie. ;-)

>>By Dare   (Friday, 2 Jul 2004 14:29)

hedgehog what in the world are you talking about?? none of that has absolutly ANYTHING to do with this movie...you are so confused lol.

>>By BrokenAngel   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 06:52)

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