As a person who grow up in an Islamic country, I was really excited about this movie. I really loved that because we can see a sant is gay!!!!
Any way, It was the best movie I've ever seen and the only movie made me cry.
Also I sujest you to watch "Another Country".

>>By Persia   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 06:41)

I first watched this movie over a year ago and the emotions that I experianced were so high and reviting I was unable to watch it again until here recently and fell in love with it yet again. It is a saga filled with hate, passion, jealousy and forbidden love! I love the all male cast. It's an interesting twist and does put perspective on the whole scheme of things. After you are deep into the movie you acually forget that there is an all male cast and you become entised with the story line and begin to interchange yourself with each charactor you find yourself relating to the most. I believe we will discover that we are much like some what a little of all the charactors in some way. This movie/film has my approval on so many levels that it has my nomination for best movie, overall! It is definately number one on my top pick list!

>>By Christiian   (Tuesday, 3 Aug 2004 11:41)

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