Life As A House


Thought this was a great movie, when i saw it my grandfather had just been diagnosed with bone cancer and had a bit more meaning for me.. i thought all actors portrayed their characters well and it was a great story i certainly cried.

>>By Lauren   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 05:53)

I love how this movie and 'American Beauty' brings out the things that we think in our minds, but never actually see them happen. This is seen in the affair between the neighbor mom and the pimp boyfriend, and the whole 'punk' aspect of the son. Out of normal stuff that one would like to see happen, but is only brought out on-screen(true to Amer. Beauty, also.) It touches your soul and makes you think about life- these are the best kinds of movies.

>>By Ed   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 16:36)

i love that movie and hayden played such a good goth ~ i think he is hotter goth--lol

>>By *~*knows her shiz*~*   (Saturday, 16 Aug 2003 01:49)

One of my favorite movies and it features songs by my favorite band, Guster. Hell, the dog in the movie is named Guster. How cool is that?

>>By Led Gopher   (Saturday, 30 Aug 2003 06:30)

hayden is so sexy!! this is my all time favorite movie! i got it when it first came out and still watch it alot. the musics cool and it deals with issues that we dont normally see or talk about like By Ed said.

>>By damn people lay off GC   (Thursday, 23 Oct 2003 04:43)

This is one of my favourite movies. I love how it makes you think, it actually got me really INTO the movie, which I think makes an amazing movie. It's fabulous.

>>By xfadetobrightx   (Friday, 30 Jul 2004 21:11)

I loved this movie. I've seen it a dozen times an I still cry. and it's a nice added bonus that Hayden is so lovely

>>By OpheliasViolets   (Thursday, 5 Aug 2004 20:03)

i love this film. and as was said above - you really can get into it. its one of the few films that make me cry a little :)

>>By Lucy Lion   (Saturday, 7 Aug 2004 12:29)

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