La Haine


hi there! I thought la haine was a very moving and emotive film. I feel that

>>By the xmas fairy   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 10:37)

Me too, a great movie   (Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002 02:33)

one of the greatest movie ever!!! Shows perfectly they way it is in the big cities in Europe. Nicque la police!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Just qu'ici tous va bien!   (Tuesday, 31 Dec 2002 03:06)

One of the best films of the decade!!! Said, Hubert and Vince are superb.

>>By Richie   (Friday, 17 Jan 2003 12:37)

One of my all time favourites. Powerful, cool, funny and unforgetable. Excellent depiction of every day life in a Parisian suburb. The 'black and white' adding to the gritty enviroment. Watch it, again and again and again!

>>By jim harle   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 13:41)

I saw the film and I loved it! Eventhow it was in Frensch and I speak Dutch!!!!
It was a bit difficult to understand because it is in popular French, but the storie was great!!!!

xxx xxx xxx Angel xxx xxx xxx

>>By Angel!!!   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 15:23)

Wow...Powerful.......Left me smilling, angry and shocked ...all at once....I hope Life in the Parisian projects changes for the better with each coming generation...

>>By Canadian   (Friday, 2 May 2003 10:00)

i just finished watching it on showcase and instantly fell in love with it the ending was magnificent never have i seen such a wonderfully done movie about street lifestyles

>>By rush68   (Friday, 2 May 2003 10:02)

Great movie. Above commentators need to spend some time off their couches, let alone in France, before they can start labelling the movie a replication of everyday life.

>>By pecheur23   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 07:15)

Its is a strong and provocative exploration into the difficulties of working class life and the frictions that can generate between those forced to live in government projects and the enforcement that it is exposed to. Perhaps a slight biase towards the working class citizens though, despite what is suggested otherwise in scenes throughout the film. Still a great film though.   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 21:26)

Without doubt a colossal achievement that the american audiences will never grow to appreciate en masse - tragically. This upsets me really, because I feel my trans-atlantic cousins are mising out on something phenominal.

>>By Mad Jack   (Sunday, 15 Jun 2003 22:57)

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