Jeepers Creepers


one freaky ass movie

>>By Alkalinetrio540   (Friday, 22 Aug 2003 02:09)

Dumbest fuckin movie I've ever seen in my entire life! I mean I've seen some dumb movies in my life but this one just tops them all! Even Stop or my mom will shoot was better than this and I hated that movie too! Peeps who saw this movie I'm really sorry you had to endure so much pain!

>>By lilred   (Saturday, 23 Aug 2003 07:34)

the end of the movie was funny:)

>>By Sveta   (Saturday, 23 Aug 2003 22:38)

i agree with lilred. i can't beleive they are making a part 2. i'll be rushing to the theater for that one!

>>By catie   (Monday, 25 Aug 2003 20:54)

I thought it was quite good, actually

>>By namrepus   (Monday, 25 Aug 2003 22:58)

I am a real scary movie freak. I dont actually know scary movies, but they do freak the hell out of me. My sister took me too go and see Signs in the theater and i was so badly shaken that she swore up and down she would never take me too another. i guess what im getting at is that Jeepers Creepers didnt phase me in the least, and if it doesnt scare me, then it isnt a scare movie, and if its not scary yet its still a horror flick, then its simply a waste of film.

>>By Mighty Crayon   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 15:34)

jeepers creepers 1-good jeepers creepers 2-awesome...but somehow i cant compare them? its wierd...but i like them...

>>By lil_shorty452   (Saturday, 24 Jan 2004 19:41)

I was so freaked out by the first one...( i live in an area like the one shown inthe movie) and I watched it at night.....ok in case you haven't figured it out..i'm easily freaked out......I was at a friends house and watched it not oto long ago, and it was like two am when i left, The whole way home i was scared to death andkept feeling like an idiot b/c i kept jumping at every little movement. *grin* haven't seen the second one..dontkmow if i want to put myself through it or not....


>>By huckleberry   (Thursday, 29 Jan 2004 19:15)

This movie sucked so hard it hurt!

>>By Spazzmania   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 00:54)

stupidest movie ever. why did they make a 2nd.

>>By Sandr   (Monday, 16 Feb 2004 20:28)

Jeepers Creepers 2 is a pretty good movie, I haven't seen 1. Had an authentic feel about it: The make up/costume of that Creeper guy and his weapons looks real and not computer generated which makes it look good. As well as the pole puncher weapon which was mechanically inventive. Some scarey moments too (I heard Tarantino say a horror movie that isn't scarey is like a porn movie without sex).

The Creeper seemed a bit too powerful at the start when he plucked people from outa thin air. So you can't kill him even if you stick a spear through his head, or stab him in the heart 22 times? I was thinking at the end instead of sticking the bat out of hell on the wall... why not chop it into tiny pieces and incinerate it.

3 and a half stars.

>>By ftad   (Sunday, 7 Mar 2004 19:24)

The ending was different i'll give it that but it was still lame.
I never thought much about the annoying theme song until I saw the ending. I dont think their was need for a sequel they shouls have killed the sucker in the first one and im still curious as to its origin whoever thought up this movie was idle and had nothing to do with their time but make rubbish come 2 life.

>>By Duallady   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 22:45)

good movie i think

>>By Vavin   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 00:00)

This movie Sucks. When they finally showed what the monster thing looked like, IT WAS A FUCKING FISH THING! That wasn't scary at all! My Miniature Poodle can make scarier noises and looks than the people who made this movie, And I don't even have a miniature Poodle.

>>By RammsteinLiebe   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 05:03)

LOL Miniature poodle? Ok, that's funny!

I don't generally like horror movies, but I liked JC. Mostly for the interaction between the sister/brother. I thought it was written realistically, all of the bickering and silly insults but still caring about each other. The scene at the end when sis goes up against the monster was a bit much, but all in all, it was pretty well done for a low-budget schlocky horror movie.

>>By Dare   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 07:12)

this movie was the most reterded movie ever god evan cabin fever was scaryer and that was about people catching a desise that ate your flesh i laughted through bolth movies the only good part is when the cat lady and the running over of the jeepers creepers o and when the theam song started(jeepers creepers where'jo get thos peepers jeepers creepers where'jo get those eyes) "ehaem" sorry anyways if i dont shit my pants not watching it its not a good scary movie i didn't evan fart watchin this one all in all i give this a big.... negitive 10 stars... Gina Philips your mom wants her camera back

>>By Phobia_killer   (Thursday, 12 Aug 2004 08:13)

Utter crap.

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 18:45)

i think in terms of modern horrors Jeepers creepers wasnt bad! i know i know it wasn't that scary and some of the special affects left a lot to be desired but i guess it was quite original and the bit at the start where the monster is dumpin the bodies in the hole thing that was quite unnerving! and yea i agree with Dare the charachter's interaction with eachother was what kept me watchin. and as for jeepers creepers 2, that was just a joke. If you didnt enjoy the first one you certainly won't like the sequal, it started out well (the bit where he's up on the scarecrow was scary) but then after that he's just in full view for the WHOLE film and as we all know when you dont know what a monster looks like it makes it even scarier! and seriously, COME ON? given the guy from Malcolm in the middle a leading role?...........................bad idea.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 20:28)

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