In The Bedroom


the film's title is a reference to a term used by lobster fishermen, to describe the sitiation of the lobsters in the cages aka "bedrooms". when more than two lobsters are "in the bedroom" things can get ugly, and that is one of the themes (if you will) of the movie. set in the quiet town of Camden Maine, the story follows the lives of a small family, consisting of Matt Fowler (Tom Wilkinson), his wife Ruth (Sisy Spacek), and their young son, Frank (Nick Stahl). things are a little tense for them due to the relationship Frank has been carrying on with an older woman, Natalie, played by Marisa Tomei. the problem lies in the fact that Natalie, is estranged from her jealous husband, Richard, and she has two young children. Frank also is torn between making the choice to stay home with the woman, he is beginning to love, or leave to return to college. suddenly tradgedy befalls the Fowler family, putting an immense strain on Matt and Ruth's marriage. now i wanted to see this movie as soon as the ads started running, but it didn't make it to my area till now, and with all the Oscar buzz the film has been getting, i wanted to see it even more. now having done so, i can say that both Wilkinson and Spacek deserve their nominations. i haven't seen their competition's work... yet, but i definitely can see why they are on the list. the movie was fantastically put together, i always comment on the scenery of the movies i see, and if you are a fan of the Eastern seaboard, you'll be pleased with this one. the music features the "haunting" singing of some kind of European style of choir, i missed the name of the specific country, but i loved it all the same. there are some very moving scenes in this movie, i am gonna add this one to my DVD collection when the times comes.

>>By Led Gopher   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 06:51)

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