How Green Was My Valley


now here is a great movie made in 1941 directed by John Ford

>>By Lkaplow   (Friday, 16 Jul 2010 11:47)

HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY (1941)- In my opinion the best picture of the best director John Ford. He said himself it was his favorite. Here we hear the older Hew Morgan telling us in the most powerful voice over narration of all time, for the full length of the film, how he missed the people of his youth who are " now long gone." As the narration proceeds Ford's magic camera brings these memories alive and shows us the wonderful people Hew Morgan will forever miss.

>>By Lkaplow   (Tuesday, 2 Jul 2013 14:36)

As a native Welshmen, speaking of nationalities, i would that this film represented a view of Wales held ONLY by Hollywood at that time. The treatment is too simplistic - And definitely NOT realistic.

>>By nonyeb   (Thursday, 10 Oct 2013 03:24)

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