I've been watching horror movie since i was 3 years old and i have to say this was one fucked up movie! Cutting the achilles tendon then seeing Jay cut that girls eye off and that shit oozing out! I love Quentin tarantino but that was just sick!

>>By lilred   (Monday, 7 Aug 2006 05:27)

As usual with Tarantino, all (attempted) style and little substance. Just amazed we didnt get ELO or summat to accompany some of the scenes. It's a kind of crap mixture of American Werewolf in London/ Dont Look Now/ The Vanishing (not the shitty American version)/ and many German fetish bongo flicks. All of which do the business in a more satisfying way, and goes to prove that Tarantino is Hollywood's biggest thief since Brian de Palma. I really believe he is sooo overrated.

Do yourself a favour and get some Hitchcock.

>>By defacer   (Saturday, 12 Aug 2006 12:05)

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