Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy


I just saw this film. It's very long, and somewhat boring.

>>By optiactive   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 08:46)

i haven't seen the film in a long time. as i remember though, it was funny but a bit on the longish side. if you get a chance you should read the books. THEY are absurdly funny. the humor is extreme satire and is best rendered verbally. in a movie or televised setting, aside from the sight gags, the pictures kind of get in the way.

>>By mre   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 20:30)

Ah go bang your heads together four eyes, oh God I'm so depressed.

>>By Spazzmania   (Friday, 13 Feb 2004 05:12)

Hmm..... well what can I say???
Disappointment doesn't describe it enough me thinks...
2/10 - that'd be it.
1 for Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy
1 for the whale.

I wonder what happened to the humour???
The trilogy was hilarious - albeit this film was just part one, but....
It was far too... post-modern as the buzz word sayers would say. The camera was a bit too jumpy - especially at the start. You weren't allowed to "settle in" to the film - it just got straight into the main plot - you weren't allowed to get that "earth normality" that was shown in the books.... the English eccentricity - where did that go?? I understand that Zaphod was American - in my head he was, and if I remember rightly, he was in the 80s TV series. But Trillian?? If they continue the series of films... then whats going to happen in Mostly Harmless?? And for that matter what's going to happen in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish - the directors and screenplay writer's are gonna be screwed!! (Those of you who've not read the books - Arthurt (Freeman) falls in love and gets together with another female - and never, although he would like to, gets together with Trillian).
I was really disappointed in the acting too... Zaphod was almost bearable at first... but then after about 5 minutes got rather irritating - he's meant to be a wee bit like that in the book.... but not so much - he's more.... well he's likeable, he's funny in the books. This guy - dunno who played him - is just playing the annoying card - he wasn't funny. Trillian... was... pretty one-dimensional. Quite a hollow actress.
Martin Freeman was good though, under the circumstances. However, he could have been a bit more... convincing - a trifle more confused by the whole situation like in the books.
Digital watches - they could have made them mobile phones!!
What the hell was that made up bit in the middle all about?????
I enjoyed Bill Nighy though. Once again a brilliant performance.
Oh - and what the hell was with the dolphins at the start???
That was just............... unnecessary.

I'm very disappointed with the film in general, it looked like it was all put together within 5 minutes - and after years of the rumours that it would be released soon, it seems like just another Holywood flop. Nevermind guys, when I become a film director (*coughs*), I will make it - and you will love it.
Anyone else feel like I do???
Oh yeah- Bill Bailey the Whale was great!!
Oh and I've not said anything about Marvin
Now THAT was a disappointment. One of the characters I was looking forward to seeing most was Marvin. I didn't expect a big white spherical blob. He was far too hi-tech. And did anyone else see the original Marvin later on the film?? Just for a second he was on. But he was there!
Lets hope, if they do actually have the monetry incentive to make Restrauant at the End of the Universe - they'll remember just in time that there is such a thing as humour in the world.......

>>By Tchock   (Wednesday, 13 Jul 2005 21:26)

Zaphod actually was one of the more funny aspects of the movie. You have to make the connection between him and Bush and then its all good.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Monday, 18 Jul 2005 03:52)

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