Head In The Clouds


Yesterday I watched the film at the 5 time, and I am sure I will watch it again and again. This film deals with the greatest problem of the XX century - the problen of The Second World War. I was born in the USSR, where every person knew that germans were enemies. My grandmother tald me about hanger, fear, explosions of the gun. She told me about students, who selected human bones after the battles and buried them; and about her elder sisters, who collected rotten potatoes for eating something. After all these stories I considered Germans as enemies.
Later I read a lot about The Second World War (Heinrich Böll for example) and watched a lot of films and I changed my opinion. Look at the german officer who lived with Gilda in the "Head In The Clouds" - he killed many people, but he loved Gilda; I guess he had the family, mother and he loved them too. This is hard to imagine our enemies as good fathers,as beloved sons and daughters... but they were.
I liked the character of Charlize Theron - Gilda. The character is full of power, sex and stile. I can't imagine, that it could be another end of the story - for example, if Gilda became a wife of german officer or lived long life alone.
The character of Stuart Townsend is full of tender love to the woman and to his motherland - this is the main secret of the people who toof part in the War - being full of love. Townsend was very organic in this movie.
And Penélope Cruz - her plaing was perfect.

>>By natatula   (Friday, 5 Jun 2009 11:20)

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