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I went to see Gods & Generals yesterday. It was the prequel to Gettysburg. With the same cast.?..I don't know...as I have not seen Gettysburg - yet. The film concentrated around Stonewall Jackson, the script based on a novel. Whether the facts about him were completely accurate: I don't know. His penchant for lemons was accurate I believe and he was shot off his horse as he was always in the line of fire. There was no mention of him lying in state after his death, that would have been surperfluous to the story. Ironically the late-great tennis player Arthur Ashe was layed in state at the same place as Stonewall.
As the film concentrated on Stonewall it centered on the confederacy a great deal of the time. Understandably who at that time were winning the war and being invaded. The reason the federal invasion was not explained and has always been a grey area to me. It couldn't have just been to do with slavery...?

A former Virginian acquaintance of mine said the North wanted the South to industrialise. But the agricultural South did not have the population to do it apart from the slaves who were being exploited very nicely thank you very much.

Perhaps this could be explained to me as a person from a country whose ally during the 61-65 conflict was the Confereracy. I am from the UK.
What was evident was the number of different nationalities fighting.each other.
The Irish being a prime example with them fighting on both sides.

Anyway. It was a good film. It was not shown at a University and not a Cinema on a Sunday afternoon.

I recommend it and musy get down to Blockbuster to rent Gettysburg!
In hindsight. At least I will see it in the right order. But this is a trilogy..
Has the third been made or about to be?

As \a child in the 60's I used to collect US Civil War bubble gum card packs. Each pack contained one or two cards, a slice of bubble gum and a Confederate dollar bill. Always great fun and educational. I have missed laid them all now with deep regret. I was very fond of the confederate money.

Rebel Yell!!!


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