Wow i cant believe im the first person to comment on this movie. It was such an awesome movie, one of Angelias best. Watching made me want to find out all i could about the real Gia.

>>By ~marley~   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 18:38)

I've seen this movie too many times. Angelina Jolie WAS amazing and won a 1999 Golden Globe Best Actress Award for it. I think without her, the movie would have been crap and nobody would have cared much about Gia. I know I personally was turned onto Angelina by this picture. I wanted too know everything about HER and to hell with Gia!

>>By ~*Sisaro*~   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 21:05)

lol Sisaro my thoughts exactly

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 16:06)

ummm. . .the ONLY good part about this movie were angelina jolie's boobs. . .

>>By drowninginflame   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 18:51)

Loved the movie and just purchased it on dvd. Could watch it a hundred times. She was such a tragic person.

>>By LAURALEI3512001   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 19:30)

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