Friday The 13th


u no the friday the 13th film jason goes to hell wot part is that

>>By jason voohees   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 22:21)

That would've been part 9 out of the 10 movies made with another movie coming out called "Jason Vs Freddy" .

>>By Grizz   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 17:38)

Does anyone know the details of Freddy vs. Jason?

>>By Becky   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 22:15)

If you want to know about FreddyvsJason go to FreddyvsJason and put your E mail address and you'll get up dates on FreddyvsJason. By the way I think that Jason is the greatest killer of all time!

>>By BadboyJr.   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 07:32)

Friday the 13th jason goes to hell is part 9, jason voohees.

>>By BadboyJr.   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 07:37)

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