Fools Rush In


Why does it only get one star Plus on the TV guide?

>>By Foolish   (Saturday, 14 Jun 2003 23:37)

I think many people want to see a bigger star other than Matthew Perry opposite Selma Hayek. He's funny but he's not enough for a motion picture especially for a romantic-comedy. They need to tall and handsome like Cary Grant not simply average. What makes a romantic comedy work is simply the astonishment of how could such perfectly looking people act so funny. What's so funny about average people making mistakes?
Of course, I could be wrong look at Tom Hanks, for the first 10 years he was totally Matthew Perry.

Don't get me wrong! I love the movie, I show to all my Chinese students and I never get tired of watching it but I always think how much better it would've been had Hugh Grant played Alex.

>>By franksinatra74   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 06:31)

Since my dad is white and my mother is Mexican, I have a close attachment to this movie. Also I'm roughly the same age as Alex I understand the hussel and mundane world of a young professional. Furthermore, I'll praise any movie that shows that work is less important than your family. Finally, I like it because I think it's a true story so...if anyone has any information on the actual story please let me know???

>>By franksinatra74   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 06:39)

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