Finding Neverland


finding neverland was just a beautiful movie full of fantasy. it made me see that the imagination is a wonderful thing to have. i luved the seen were they show neverland! it was gorgeous!!! so full of magic and wonder. its a great movie to watch with ur honey or with a bunch of chicks were u can all cry ur eyes out! jonny depp was hot and funny in this movie. i liked him better as jack sparrow tho! he was a major hottie as sparrow! ne ways, finding neverland rocked!

>>By cheezypunk   (Friday, 18 Feb 2005 04:46)

this movie is so booooorrrring......i want a refund....

>>By coca   (Monday, 28 Mar 2005 04:02)

i found it a bit boring in the beginning, but i pretty much enjoyed it. i know there is supposed to be a great idea behind the whole thing, i couldn't quite feel it though, but i cried in the end....:) i guess that shows that my nervous system isn't ok and i can cry on everything:) anyways, it was ok. the acting was very good!

>>By Eli_Molko   (Thursday, 14 Apr 2005 01:52)

i love this movie .......... JD did a grate job

>>By An Evil Girl   (Monday, 13 Jun 2005 02:46)

I loved this movie. Johnny Depp delivered one of his best performances yet, along with Kate Winslet.

>>By Wednesday   (Monday, 20 Jun 2005 03:07)

OMG what can I say about this movie, just one thing, it was booooooooooooorrrrrring as hell. I was falling asleep, and I never fall asleep to any movie. I thought ok the beginning was boring, may be it'll get better in the middle, but it still was boring, then when the movie got closer to the end, it became enjoyable to watch, and more enjoyable when it ended. Just wanna say i hope u don't waste ur money on this movie, cuz it aint worth it

>>>By cece

>>By cece   (Saturday, 30 Jul 2005 05:45)

I watched this movie with my mom, we both cried.

>>By Jane   (Saturday, 30 Jul 2005 19:25)

what a wonderful, gorgeous, great, sad, good movie..... watched it a few days ago. i'm convinced, it must be one of the best movies ive seen so far.

>>By alibabi   (Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005 13:17)

It turned out much more sad than I expected, which was altogether a disappointment. Several scenes did make my eyes tear, a very touching film. I love how certain scenes were filmed, specifically when the camera flies around the theatre during the play, it really catches the excitement of the moment. Beautiful music as well. A lovely film.

>>By MagentaStraberry   (Friday, 18 May 2007 19:08)

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