Fahrenheit 9/11


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Hey, wow. I'm the first post!

Okay, well, let's see....I saw this movie in theaters in June (or July). It was the first time after a movie that I actually got (or even attempted to get) the whole audience applauding.

So, obviously, I liked the film. I am a Michael Moore fan. HOWEVER, having said that, I DO understand that he sometimes makes claims and you think to yourself, "Well, that's a reach." Or, he'll only show you what he wants you to see. But, hey, he makes no claim about trying to be objective. He obviously dislikes the Bush administration, and well, there's a lot to dislike.

My biggest problem is with people who call Moore and others like him (i.e. me) "traitors" or "Saddam-lovers." It's so jingoistic and really ugly. I personally think it's very "un-American" to try to censor dissenting opinions and just sit there and agree with everything the President (ANY President) spoon-feeds you. It is our right and duty as American citizens to question the decisions made by our "leaders."

Whatever your political views, you gotta admit, this film has got people talking. And I think that's better than having a nation filled with apathy.

>>By The Walrus   (Wednesday, 6 Oct 2004 19:13)

fahrenheit 9/11 is 100% leftist propaganda that's it. Anybody who uses this movie to help form any opinions had a flawed reasoning process. It would be like basing who you were going to vote for by what Rush Limbaugh says. But if you can turn a blind eye to all the fact twisting and distortion you would see that this is a excellent movie. Michael Moore is the best documentary(and I used that term loosely) maker ever. This gives liberals a distinct advantage because I am not aware of any right-wing movie producer who is as talented as Michael Moore. And since the american public would rather be entertained then informed and also, because the public finds interesting and entatining info easier to believe than true info leftist can just keep encouraging Michael Moore to keep pumping out their brand of misinformation without any serious counter measures from the conservatives.

>>By smore   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 18:50)

Michael Moore is a great entertainer, not documentary maker. He makes movies that are easy to understand, and simplify the facts. A good documentary maker displays ALL the facts, even if they don't support his or her opinion. What Moore does is hide his own misinformation within his 'documentaries' by displaying other's misinformation. Rather than say 'my opinion is correct', he says 'my opinion is different from this other opinion, which is wrong'. Since people like seeing things as black and white, right and wrong, people think that the opposite of a bad idea must be a good idea. In truth, both are wrong, and both contain truth. The best way is somewhere in the middle.

While the movie did stop the apathy to a degree, it did not inform people well enough. An ill-informed voter is more dangerous than a nonvoter. A nation of ill-informed voters is akin to the Nazis. All fired up for the wrong reasons at the wrong thing.

>>By pgrmDave   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 21:40)

I understand both these viewpoints....however, it seems to me that the people who complain the loudest and are always getting their way are the Conservative Right.
I work at a Blockbuster and only 2 days into having this movie out on DVD, I've had to deal with the constant barrage of ignorant, IGNORANT small-minded rednecks coming up to the counter just fuming at the sight of Michael Moore's face on the Fahrenheit cover. "You know he's only doing this for the money!" "We better vote for Bush. If it weren't for him, we'd all be speaking Iranian right now. If it were up to me, I'd nuke all the people over there."
WHAT THE HELL!!!!????? What's wrong with these people? And did I ask for them to start spewing their right-wing diatribe in my face? No. I mean, I don't go into a bookstore and start ranting to the cashier about Bill O'Reilly so that everyone can hear me.
And the biggest problem for me is....why are they complaining? They always get their way anyhow. Always. Their the biggest whiners and that's what works in America. Oh, wait, I'm sorry...they did lose that "no prayer in schools" thing. Perhaps that's why we're turning out such bile-filled, hate-spewing so-called Christian leaders.

>>By The Walrus   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 22:42)

by the way...correction on my last message. That should read "They're" the biggest whiners...not "their." Wouldn't want someone to start picking on this poorly educated leftist pseudo-intellectual commie (have I covered all the insult bases?).

P.S. Sorry if the seems confrontational to the last two people who posted. Not intentional. Just venting, 'cause man, the month just started and I KNOW I'm going to be hearing more of this at work....God help me.

>>By The Walrus   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 22:48)

I agree with Walrus that the Conservative Right is often complaining about losing the battle even when they win the war. I think you may misunderstand me though. I am not conservative nor am I right winged. I am not liberal nor left winged. I believe that moderation should be the key word in any administration. While I feel very strongly against the conservative right, jumping to the left is just as wrong. What Moore should have done is show how the administration was too extreme, not just that it was too right winged.

>>By pgrmDave   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 16:53)

Point taken. Thanks for not taking the "shouting" approach that I seem to have adapted.

>>By The Walrus   (Friday, 8 Oct 2004 19:57)

It comes from being a moderate, being able to always see both sides of an argument.

>>By pgrmDave   (Saturday, 9 Oct 2004 07:46)

I was really alienated by Fahrenheit 9/11. Even though I should be supporting the liberals, I can't help but feel that this movie should be wrapped around the Democrats necks. The movie was one kick in the stomach, one cheap shot after another. It amounts to a fascism of the left.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 14:40)

This is a perspective from a non-American, non-Western fellow. It is an interesting film because it highlights and reinforces the negative information about Bush. In the Philippines, we had a strong opposition against air raids in Iraq even if our President pledged to be a member of the Coalitiion of the Willing. In a way, I thought that perhaps the current US president is quite insensitive to some issues. But hey wait, let's look at the timing of the documentary. Although there is no such thing as a bias-free media text more so with a documentary that must have a stand, it became propagandistic in a way. If the intention is to discredit Bush and lessen his chances of winning I think, the documentary must also ascertain the political maturity of the Americans. It may like to discredit the incumbent but it may boomerang to Kerry as a suicidal attempt to win the presidency. In essence, whether it was rightist or leftist, voters will have the say at the end of the day. What's admirable about the docu is Moore's use of humor in presenting a "documentary"... if it is really so.

>>By Obing   (Thursday, 14 Oct 2004 10:31)

I still have a problem calling this a documentary. It wasn't, It was propaganda plain and simple. The fact people are discussing this movie like it is a serious piece of political commentary is confusing to me. It's not. It's like having a serious discussion based on the swift boat vets ad. This election is really starting to piss me off. Because it is no longer about ideas and values anymore. It is just about winning. And both sides are concerned with just winning no matter what. I've seen conservatives and liberals turn their backs on the ideas they supposedly believe in just to win an election. And this movie is an example of it. If someone else had said that the way you disenfranchise black people from voting is to deny convicted felons the right to vote he would be called a racist. But Michael Moore says it and since he is pro Kelley, black people let him get away with it. I'm sorry I've strayed off point, but I just think this movie epitomizes what is wrong in todays politics on both sides.

>>By smore   (Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 16:58)

Hi, another bit of comment from a non-American. I'm from Belgium, to some also known as the country of compromise. That means that nothing extreme ever happens, but on the other hand we don't get much done either. But well... What I wanted to say as a reaction to all the talk about left wing and right wing was that to European eyes even the American Democrats are more or less right wing. What you cal right wing Conservatives would be an extremist party around here. I don't want to criticize anyone too badly from a country I don't live in, but some of these Conservative statements really border on the idiotic. It reminds me of the time when we burned witches here in Europe. They are the ones most opposed to 'strangers' and 'fanatical' religions. Bu if a Christian reads his Bible every day and takes it literally, living strictly by what it says, I don't think he's any different from the supporters of these 'fanatical' religions. If you cannot criticize what you yourself are doing, I'm afraid you're extreme. And a lot of Conservatives don't seem too good at that ...

>>By Aywin   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 17:22)

some of you people comminting actually sound as if you are envious of him as a person. He is not just a guy who will take the democrats side no matter what he is a person concerned that the slugs in the work force dont see the corruption that is leading to our downfall. We are getting screwed and he is reporting it. Dont be so hard on him. Fe just wants to show people something they might miss on there own. Be more critical of the people in real positions of power. Like bush and VP and more and more. Question authority and question there intentions with your life and the lives of your family members. Just look at what he reports for what it is.He finds facts on paper and reports it to us. He is also just posing questions to people that for some reason dont believe they have to awnser to us anymore.

>>By Elevation   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 22:21)

i was so impressed with this movie! if nothing it was an eye opener, not about the bin laden connections but the amount of young clueless people in the army! and the fact that only one person in congress had their child in the army!
oh and the part at the end where bush says "fool me once, shame on you .........eh ............em ............um .......... you're never gonna fool me again!" i literally laughed for about 20 minutes!

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Friday, 22 Oct 2004 15:33)

Elevation you're worng. Michael Moore is someone who will take the Democrats side no matter what. Proof is name one Michael Moore project that is critical of a democrat fighure. If he was just reporting on corruption as you claim his projects would be about all the problems in government not just the issues critical of conservatives. It just amazes me that people are so gullible(or maybe it's stupid.) to believe this movie is factual. If you want to watch or appreciate this movie on just the entertainment factor then I for all that. But if you are forming your opinions with this movie. Or if you believe that Michael Moore has no agenda and is just trying to inform the public. I'm sorry your dumber then bush's speechwriters.

>>By smore   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 15:28)

if you go to www.michaelmoore.com he has cited every single bit of information in farenheit 9/11. . .

and not one person from the bush campaign or any other independent investigator for that matter has come forward and offerd up proof against any of the things said in this documentary. . .

so if you're so sure that none of farenheit 9/11 is factual. . .then where is the proof against it?

>>By drowninginflame   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 19:15)

I guess the point smore is trying to make is that the whole 'documentary' is not objective. The facts might be right, but connected like this, with elements deleted or the order reversed (or something like that) the audience can come to odd conclusions.
On the other hand, I do believe Bush deserves severe criticism, and the funnier it gets, the better.

>>By Aywin   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 21:08)

Exactly my point Aywin. The movie may contain facts but they are present in a particular slant. In order for you to make the same comclusion and the maovie maker. Why couldn't Moore just present the facts with no slant and let people make up there on mind. because that's not what he wanted people to do. he wants people to be anti-bush show therefore he prsented facts in an anti bush way. And any facts he discover that didn't support his anti-bush stance he ignored or deleted from the movie. That's not a documentary. it's a Kerry campaighn ad. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Moore is the only one who does this. I just want to know since when did people start using bias slanted propaganda campaign ads to help them amke decisions? I personally think it's a stupid thing to do.

>>By smore   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 20:31)

Michael moore is a genius

Its time to get Bush out of office vote for Kerry

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 16:03)

Bush had more of a connection with terrorists all around the world than saddam did. Bush is a man that pretends to be who he is not and people dont need michael moore to realize this but it is nice to see someone such as michael moore that is willing to put his neck on the chopping block just to voice what he believes is the truth. Bush cant even admit he has done one wrong thing in his administration. In fact he is willing to do whatever it takes to lead people in the wrong direction to avoid allowing people to find the truth of his actions

>>By Elevation   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 19:18)

This movie, if nothing more, proves that whoever can watch it and still feel no quams over what Bush and our country did, is nothing more than a fucking asshole.

>>By ~*Sisaro*~   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 22:27)

i can't believe bush was voted into power........again! i agree with sisaro if people can watch this movie and feel the same about bush as they did before there's got to be something wrong. Yes i know Micheal Moore has a Bush vendetta thing going on and it does seem that he wants people to hate bush but lets face it if half of what was mentioned in the movie is true then it's very worrying.
I don't believe people should base their whole beliefs on what they see in this movie but i think people are goin way too hard on moore and not Bush himself. And Smore i don't think people are gullible, i think they're interested in kowing the truth and not just Bush's side of things

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Thursday, 4 Nov 2004 23:26)

People are gullible if they are beleiving this movie. I have know problem with people watching that movie was also informing themselves with facts. But they are not the are just watching the movie, believing it and then reacting emotionally. Which is the very rason why Kerry lost. The liberal thinking is "Listen to what I say or you are stupid!" Which will not win a election. Calling people "fucking assholes" because they want honest facts to make they're decisions instead of propaganda fiction does not make them stupid. The reason why the democrats are out of power is because their powers of persuasion consists of insults, downtalking and bullying. While the republicans appeared to identify with their base. And nothing epitomizes this fact morew then the Michael Moore movie. If he had actually produced a documentary his movie would have had more of an effect on the election like he wanted. Instead he made a joke and the very people he wanted to reach felt insulted at his effort to brainwash them. People like Moore and a lot of other hollywood liberals have to stop thinking that people should listen to them just becaus ethey're famous. But that have to start showong they really understand and care about All of america not just the east and west coast and they will start having sucess again. But by what I'm reading here that will never happen. because everyone here would rather insult and make fun of people who have a legitimate problem with moore's movie instead of listening and seeing where moore's film could have been more effective. Seeing the way the leftist, wacky liberal has taken over the democratic party makes me glad i ended my membership in the donkey party and registered as a independent where i let logic and intellect dictate my decisions and not pointless emotion.

>>By smore   (Friday, 5 Nov 2004 18:23)

The part I love in the movie was the "Coalition of the Willing" part... jeez... only an idiot would believe that it is a united front against Iraq... hell, US and Britain have been the colonizers of the old days, though they may have created a new facade on their invasion strategies but its all about business... Money makin shit stuff interests... now, can anybody in here define "SOVEREIGNITY" to me? or did I get the word spelled right... Bush should check this word at Webster's...

>>By Lycan   (Saturday, 6 Nov 2004 06:17)

In regards to what smore said... I'm sorry, but I for one am someone who see's Moore as a pompous ass. I am NOT liberal, nor am I conservative. The shit demonstarted in this movie as far as Bush's motives go, suprise me not, for I believe that all politicans are somehow corrupt in a way. Aside from Moores useless haggling in this film, nothing can take away from the fact that as far as the facts can tell, Bush started a war over bullshit. If Bush is good president or not means NOTHING once one has seen the tears of an innocent Iraqi woman fall as she wished for her God to punish us for what has been done. That saddens me and disgusts me at the same time. They say this election for Bush was won off of peoples moral issues. I ask them to watch this movie, see the saddness caused in others at our presidents expense, and ask them again where exactly their "morals" lie. An eye for an eye has nothing to do with this war and even if it did... two wrongs have never made a right.

>>By ~*Sisaro*~   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 22:44)

smore, i think you can tell the difference between someone who is in it for the money and who is in it cause they care. Michael moore has been doing his line of work for a while now. He has not made his career out of this he had a career before this. Bowling for columbine was not a move getting down on republicans or dems or whatever. It was a movie trying to get to the truth and reality of why people in america shoot guns like they are going to just disappear tomorrow. People in america are addicted to violence and it is crazy that you would even say stupid things like michael moore expects people to listen cause he is famous. Every single fact in this movie has a source and very reliable ones at that. you can find the sources in the companion guide to the movie or on his site. www.michaelmoore.com.
seriously man i understand you dont feel the same way about bush as moore does. But the facts are the bush family has long time tuies to terrorists and it is very scary to think that the leader of us is affiliated with these men. Moore is asking questions and stating info that he has gone and found. Average americans dont go do this therefore they could not know the truth. if moore was wrong dont you think he would have got introuble for slander or even just talking about bush the way he has. Bush cant deny these facts if you asked him to his face. He could not even admit to doing one wrong thing in his term as president so why would you believe him. I am not calling people names like others so dont put me in the same category. You talk about being liberal as if it is a bad thing. Look up the definition in your dictionary and if you tell me you are the opposite of this definition then you are the mean one.

>>By Elevation   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 21:29)

by the way i appreciate smore for standing firm on his point of view but there is a time and place to just accept the facts. Even if a few of the facts in this movie were true that would be enough reason for me to not want him around. Bush is a bully and until the last leg of the election it was kerry who did not call names. Bush was the one who from the start trashed on his opponent.

>>By Elevation   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 21:33)

bush is the first president since herbert hoover to not attend the NAACP convention. Bush refused many times meeting with the NAACP leaders. Why??? Is there something he does not like about blacks??

>>By Elevation   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 21:36)

may 26 2004,

Amnesty International has issued and annual report saying "Goerge W Bush's war on terror is bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle ". There is no way to win the war on terror. Terror will never end permanently. So George's war will last forever. This means big profits for halliburton and weapons producers and all of his old college buddies. Cheaney is happy with the results and so is bush's wallet.

>>By Elevation   (Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004 21:42)

I enjoyed watching Farenheit 9/11 for the shear fact of exposing Bush. I know that everything Micheal Moore says isn't true and might be a far stretch on some of the truths, but it did show you an indepth history of the "Bush disaster". Some of the things that you saw in that movie(footage from Iraq, family members of dead soldiers, Bush incounters) were unbelievable and sickening to think that this man actually caused all of this destruction and put the United States into such a pathetic state. It's sad to think that a man who can't run an oil business is trusted with a nation.

"America needs to shave it's Bush."

-Wednesday, food for thought-

>>By Wednesday   (Wednesday, 10 Nov 2004 01:54)

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