Face Off


i like faceoff because its a good movie

>>By nathan   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 18:02)

Does anyone know where I could find the moneyclip that Nicholas Cage used in movie. The dragon one.

>>By goatwench   (Wednesday, 14 Jan 2004 06:54)

I saw the money clip at a flea market. I would suggest you hit a couple of those.

>>By dabble123   (Tuesday, 2 Mar 2004 00:58)

i like india, this film is good but...... i like india

>>By Nickname?huh_babies   (Tuesday, 2 Mar 2004 03:14)

Face/off is an incredible movie

>>By Postal   (Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 12:25)

Face off is good as far as action goes, its lacking a little on the reality side of things though, E-bay probably has those moneyclips too, they have everything else....

>>By Squire   (Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 15:51)

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