What's evita all about? by Jannet Bravo

>>By Jannet Bravo   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 03:56)

it sucked

>>By poop   (Saturday, 5 Apr 2003 05:11)

This is for Jannet Bravo. It may be a while late, but if you're still interested...
Evita is a story about a real person who lived in Argentina. Poor as a child, some believe her goal was becoming famous, but through the eyes of the man who created the original musical Evita obviously wanted more than that. The movie shows her rejection as a young child at her fathers funeral, because she was a bastard child. She grows up and begins to realize at age 13 that she can control men with her body and looks. She sleeps with a famous (yet not talented) tango singer, Magaldi. He is then forced to bring her to Buenos Aires, because she believes he loves her (because of what they did the night before). In Buenos Aires she discovers he already has a wife, but she doesn't stop there. Evita sleeps with many men and becomes higher in the popularity charts. She than becomes an actress, and becomes known. At a famous ball she meets the colonel Peron, who is up for election. They instantly hook up, and she becomes his new mistress (the previous one is rejected in a rather harsh state). They become famous together, and eventually they marry and Peron becomes leader of Argentina. The upper class does not like this, because Evita has constantly stated how she works for the lower class people to make their lives better. Later on, to rise Argentina's popularity Evita goes on a European tour, but becomes terribly ill with cancer. She is unable to finish the tour and comes home. After awhile at home she realizes she's dying and this is where the famous song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" happens. She tells the people that she never wanted fame, but she wanted their lives to be better and they all deserve what she recieved. The end is tragic, because at her deathbed in the movie (not the musical) she sings to Peron of how he must love her, because she's worthless to him now and he's still by his side. In the musical and movie she also sings a song called "Lament" which happens right before she dies. She sings about how she was young, and lived her life to the fullest and she doesn't regret it. Evita does die, but it seems she dies with honour.

I hope this helps! We're doing the musical for my school can you tell? lol!

>>By purpledaisies   (Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003 04:04)

i love argentina and anything relating this beautiful country~

>>By pakiboi18   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 10:04)

Um. I love the music. Antonio Banderas is good. But Maddona...? No thanks!
I think this would probabley be a such better thing to see Live.

>>By bagelboy13   (Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005 03:25)

i agree xcept i think modanna did an excellent job in this movie (for once but still)

>>By ~*carol*sue*~   (Sunday, 1 May 2005 02:44)

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