Does Van and Hitomi ever kiss in the movie?

>>By ?   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 04:39)

*ATTENTION* Spoilers!!!

In the movie, no, they don't kiss. Even though I have seen the whole tv series, I have seen the dubbed series so I dont know if they edit that part out but I really dont think so. I haven't seen them kiss in the tv series.

Besides all of the above. I LOVE this movie!! I am sooo obssessd with it! Then ending (the movie and the tv show) makes me want to cry every time i see it! The only thing about the movie that bugged me was that I wanted to see more of the characters development throughout the film. You didnt really see Van and HItomi bond during the time Van was recovering. And I felt that the characters weren't really focused on that much, if that makes sense. I know that the tv show had lots more time to focus on the characters, but the movie could have done the same thing if it was made an hour longer, it really isnt that long. But all in all it was an AMAZING movie!

>>By Andrika   (Saturday, 1 Jan 2005 09:33)

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