El Topo


I discovered El Topo by accident. It was boat show time at the New York Coliseum and I was living in the West Village, doing some publicity for the show, and met some friends who were up from Miami and staying in the Chelsea Hotel. This would have been about 1969 or 70. We went out to dinner, came back and rearranged our brains somewhat...and then decided to go to the midnight showing of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", which was playing at the Chelsea Theater, practically downstairs. We did that (the audience participation was just kicking in about this time) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Getting up to leave, I noticed that although it was after two in the morning, people were coming INTO the theater...STRANGE people!!! Stranger than WE were! I stopped one of the people and asked what he was coming into the theater for...He looked at me, I looked at him...we BOTH tried hard to focus...then he sorta leaned over and whispered conspiratorily..."EL TOPO... MAN". It wasn't on the marquee. The ONLY announcement was a hand-written note on a shirt cardboard by the entrance..."El Topo at 2:30".

I've seen it maybe 50 times since then, maybe more. I've got a bad Japanese copy on VHS...It's STILL great!

I love talking about it!

>>By Montana Pete   (Friday, 28 Nov 2003 07:42)

Man, I loved this flick. Just saw it a few months ago....when was the last time you saw it?

Have you seen the Holy Mountain? That's another great flick.

>>By Rents   (Friday, 12 Nov 2004 05:30)

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