Will there ever be an Computer game, out number Dune II, the first strategy game of al times are as good in the books, in the movie and on the computer... You never get enough of Dune. We want more!

>>By Da Qwerty   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 20:27)

The film doesnt capture the main essences of camaraderie and loyalty, but to this day I cant read Muad'Dib without seeing the actors face...

>>By Oedo808   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 01:36)

the best movie ever !!!! so close to the book!

>>By Righar   (Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004 22:39)

I loved it, but it taught me that you can't make a GREAT movie by sticking too close to the book. I had read the book & was pleased by how well it was covered in the movie, but at the same time I could see how hard it would be for someone who hadn't read the book to follow the movie. This is not a criicism of either the book or the movie, just an observation about the movie-making process.
Same goes for LOTR, I am a long-time fan of the book, could have got upset with the movie's changes to things, but have to accept the odd tweak to make it better as a Movie.

>>By flamencoprof   (Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004 13:00)

if you make a movie exactly to the letter of the book, its not going to work, cos it was written as a book, not a screenplay.
try reading a screenplay, they *really* don't work as literature
anyway, the subject - good film, well directed and it worked as a film

>>By Gautama   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 19:49)

Which version are you guys talking about? I loved the first movie with Kyle McLachlan, Patrick Stewart, Francesca Annis, Jurgen Prochnow, Richard Jordan, Sean Young, etc., etc. Great visuals, costumes, sets, art direction, photography, effects, acting, (there were a few parts that could have been toned down, but all in all, a good job).

The Dune miniseries was not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed Children of Dune. I thought they did a bang-up job with that one. Maybe because I didn't have all of those wonderful actors to compare it too. Still can't believe they replaced Jurgen Prochnow, who was so dynamic in his portrayal of Duke Leto, with William Hurt, who looked like he was stoned or sleepwalking through the part. And I like William Hurt in alot of his other movies, so it's not a problem with him. Perhaps the director was just out of it those days.

>>By Dare   (Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004 04:41)

the saga of dune is far from over
strike now

>>By Vavin   (Tuesday, 11 May 2004 19:38)

Ok, I understand that the new version made by SciFi network is more book-accurate, but aside from being boring, it had none of the edge-of-your-seat action that the first one had! And Kyle McLachlan is the ONLY person capable of playing Paul Muad'Dib Usul Atreides accurately...in my opinion. Fremen rock!

The sleeper has awakened...

getting happy...


>>By PeartreePartridge   (Thursday, 13 May 2004 22:22)

the whole dune saga is awsome

>>By Vavin   (Friday, 14 May 2004 20:29)

I have seen both Dune movies and loved them both.
I sat in tranced by the 1st movie never taking my eyes off the screen for a minute.And who can forgot Sting as the cousin of Paul.
The 2nd movie was just as good.It went into the book more and had alot
of good European actors in it.I liked the way the blue Fremen eyes was done on the second movie.
Did you know that the gut who played Stilgar in the 2nd movie was in a movie with Jurgen Prochnow? It was called Das Boot.
I liked the Children Of Dune as well.It was a sad thing that Alia had to fight the demons of being preborn and losing.
Right now I am reading the seris that goes back to the begining lines of the great families Atreides,Corrino,Harrkeoann(I think I mispelt it),and the machine wars. It also briths the Fremen and the Space Guild.

Dune rules!!!

>>By set   (Saturday, 15 May 2004 08:36)

yep they sure do benni gessurit rule and i might have mispelled that without my holly bible/dune series on paperback which i lent to my friend

>>By Vavin   (Saturday, 15 May 2004 16:29)

“Every revolution carries with it the seeds of its own destruction”

>>By JrzyGirl   (Sunday, 30 May 2004 21:34)

By Peartree Partridge.......BROVO! The first will always be the best of the rest. The SciFi channel put on the long version, and I have been looking for a copy ever since. It will always be a once a month movie for me. And by: Set, Das Boot will be next in line. By JrzyGirl, sorry honey, not in this case. Watch the ending again. Plus, I have a brother living in your town. See you on the beach.

By Big Al

>>By Big Al   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 07:49)

dune has got to have the best special effects ever other than Star Wars or The Matrix. If yu watch all the Dune movies, then yull realize that the effects are beyond anything else.
That's what I think.

>>By harpoon_sha   (Friday, 3 Sep 2004 20:01)


Its good to know that ppl have seen the 'original movie', and they agree with me that the sci-fi channels attempt was great.

scenes like the dinner party should have been included in the first movie, I agree with ppl that certin things should not have been changed i.e in the sci-fi chanels production the fremen never 'tell paul about the name he chose' you who have seen the original will know

"I see strenght in you, like the base of a pillar. You shall be know as Usul. But you must choose the name of manhood that we will call you openly"
and then Paul chooses the name Mau`dib.

But all in all it is a great second movie

>>By Gilbertus   (Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 22:04)

I Love the original DUNE by David Lynch. It's incredible masterpiece. How can I explain it? If you've not seen it yet, go to a video shop and pick it up right now! If you like science fiction or David Lynch's works, you won't be disappointed!

>>By mijin   (Saturday, 25 Dec 2004 14:14)

I was disappointed by aspects of both the original film and the miniseries. To my mind, it's too long a story to be compressed into a film, but the series lacked the atmosphere of the film.

>>By horliks   (Tuesday, 8 Feb 2005 21:31)

To every one that has not seen it : Go see it!!!
And to the one that have seen it : yes yes yes!!! This is how a perfect sci-fi should be. I get gouse bomps when i see it. Hope they never do a remake of this one. You can't make good better!!!

>>By darthfrank   (Monday, 30 Jan 2006 11:08)

Citing that one of the main characters bears my name, I went to see this one many years ago and I enjoyed it, but recently I watched the newest release and I noticed that one of the scenes was removed - the scene where the Baron kills one of his assistants.

Overall this is one of my most favourite science fiction films; brilliant storyline and screenplay made it that way.

>>By Steve Harkonnen   (Tuesday, 28 Feb 2006 15:29)

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