District 9


OMG. WOW. One of the best film's ever made.

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 26 Nov 2009 23:28)

I cannot believe there is only one other fan of District 9 on Flork!!! This movie was so well done...

>>By Seether   (Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010 14:12)

I really enjoyed it, my son tells me it was based on some real history, somewhere, sometime, where a nation tried to sort of quarantine a race or type or batch of sick people... sorry, don't remember, really. But I did really like it and saw the social commentary implied. I think it is nominated for an academy award later tonite.

>>By keeby   (Sunday, 7 Mar 2010 20:03)

i think it is one of the best sci-fi movies in years.

>>By jeeper   (Saturday, 20 Mar 2010 03:36)

So Amazing!! The Plot Was Flawless!!

>>By paisleybryce   (Monday, 17 May 2010 23:28)

One of the best sci-fi movies in a long time.I just cant wait for them to release the sequal

>>By cybermakhi   (Tuesday, 18 May 2010 03:49)

Awasome movie

>>By oppssss25   (Saturday, 26 Jun 2010 18:08)

It's very unique and interesting to watch. The racism storyline that goes along with it is very true, and I loved watching it. It's one of my new favorites.

>>By LibbySmith   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010 20:52)

As a science-fiction movie the film did not appeal to me.

>>By mandrake   (Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:48)

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