I have draw on pictures on "Land Before Time" into "The Jurassic Cub":
Rexadar, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Son of Littlefoot and Ali (lost his family and other on Tyrannosaurus Rex),
Bill, Apatosaurus, Son of Littlefoot and Ali,
Cari, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Daughter of Chomper,
Matt, Triceratops, Son of Cera,
Meera, Parasaurolophus, Daughter of Ducky,
Sklipper, Pteranodon, Son of Petrie,
Buster, Stegosaurus, Son of Spike,
Dimmy, Dimetrodon, Son of Shyler,
Weigy, Anklyosaurus, Son of Shyler (lost his family and other no Ankylosaurus),
Shelle, Ichythyosaurus, Daughter of Mo,
Bayleef, Brachiosaurus, Daughter of Oliver,
Woody, Mammoth,
Pinoy, Spinosaurus, Son of Spinosaurus,
Plesy, Elasmosaurus,
Cilver, Lugianodon.

Bye bye, Mats Carlstén.
PS. my email is: mats.carlsten@spary.se

>>By Rexadar   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 22:04)

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