Die Hard With A Vengence


bruce gets hotter and hotter every year!he especially looks good tward the end when hes on the boat all bloody, sweaty, and dirty. Great action! the Subway scene was cool, I loved the part where John drives the cab through th park and flys over the large rock into the live traffic. And I love Samuel in this movie!Very believable!

>>By lilred   (Wednesday, 18 May 2005 01:54)

Generally I find action flicks plotless and boring...but THIS one I really liked! The dialogue was great, sarcastic and humorous.

>>By LastCaress18   (Thursday, 19 May 2005 07:41)

yeah it was a good film, yet it got alot of stick. they keep on comparing it to the forst and second movies, hey is it true bruce dies in the 4 movie that would be horrible.....

>>By zeromenace   (Thursday, 19 May 2005 13:46)

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