Der Untergang


Well, I guess I am the first ...

I just wanted to say that this film is well worth the view. It paints a disturbingly realistic picture of Hitler. There have been comments that the man was portrayed too friendly, but I do not agree. It merely shows that he is human. And that is the frightening part, for apart from that fact he is completely insane. It brings home the message that this could be any of us - and that is true. Given the right (or wrong) circumstances anyone can turn into a monster. Hitler is not some special guy in a category all of his own that says 'Devil'. He was just a sick man with enormous power. And that might be a bit hard for many people to swallow. Rings too many bells in the present?
Anyway, this is also a war movie, and a very good one. We've had enough films depicting war as something brave, glowing with cameraderie. There is nothing glorious about war. There is only filth and suffering. You get that picture very well when you watch Der Untergang.

>>By Aywin   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 08:37)

Well, the movie is frightening and disturbing. It really is. It gives you a good impression of what was going on during the days of Germany`s own private Armageddon.

>>By Calen   (Saturday, 29 Jan 2005 16:25)

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