I'm not sure if I found this movie disturbing or not. By itself, you can see why the cannabalism would be a bit shocking but I think that it's only because we're not sensatized to it. In "Die Hard 2" the bad guys crash a plane carrying 230 passengers into the ground and we leave the theatre with a sense of fulfillment (spolier: good guy kills bad guys). But in this movie, we see a different sort of winning. I take it back. Who really wins? It's obvious that no one is living the high life in post-apocalyptic france, and there I can't really picture too cheery of a future for our protagonists...

>>By Mike   (Monday, 2 Dec 2002 07:12)

Delicatessen is not by Pinon but with Pinon. The director is Jean-Pierre Jeunet and he also accomplished fabulous movies with equally interesting taste. See 'La Citee Des Enfants Perdus' (The City of Lost Children), 'Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain' (Amelie), Alien 4.
The wonderfull effects in most of these movies are done by Pitouf.

>>By littlepiggy   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 23:57)

an amazing black comedie.And the butcher was the right person for this role.He has the perfect glance

>>By junkie-reya   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 15:21)

intense is the word i'd freakish and amazing movie. makes you think, or it made me think anyway. and the sewer guys had the coolest secret handshake ever.

>>By jaya the film junkie   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 06:56)

now how could this movie have been re-re-released b4 it was ever released and what is happening to the flight of the navigator IS SOMTHING HAPPENING TOU OUR SPACE TIME COUNTINUANCY FACTOR????

beware of the secret army of the 12 monkeys they the ones who are going to do it

have a merry christ mass

>>By fuckface   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 08:32)

i found this movie artful and philosophical in ways that get at the heart of why consumerism is a system is full of inconsiderate assholes while other forms of valuation and exchange or lifestyle exploration bear quality and ethic in their stead. Whether it be the score or the cinematagraphy or simply the choice of characters there was no compromise or cheap formula by which this film adhered to its sense of timing and content for the audience. In short the shit rocked hard as a suspense thriller and comedy with a hell of alot more imagination and options for all ages. I would almost recommend it as a teaching tool for high schoolers... but not quite.

>>By zazenista   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 00:17)

any word on an american dvd release for this film?

>>By librarysquirrel   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 21:24)

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