Cry Freedom


Impressive movie this is. A true story about the apartheid in South Afrika telling the story of a newspaper-director named Donald (don't remember his last name but played by Kevin Kline) being naive with apartheid and got his eyes opened by Steve Biko (the marter for his country). Allthough the film has got its humor now and then it leaves ya in a state that made me at least being aware of the difference of seeing details on the news (back then) and getting an impression of how it really must have been. For example the moment that some hundreds of black teenagers stand up and went out to protest: nothing they did but singing an African song and dance on it, all together.....then the army tries to make them stop which didn't have the slightest effect. And because of that they opened fire and shotdown almost all of the children......i just couldn't believe my own eyes, but yes it has happened, and lots more. Also lots of good things in the story, like Steve Biko as a rebel (for love and humanity) who must have been an extraordinary man.

>>By Sanvean   (Sunday, 13 May 2007 16:41)

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