I just recently saw this movie a few months ago while heavily under the influence of various cough medications. I watched it six times in a row, which much say something, and soon after bought it. Now that I'm actually a cashier in a store, I think I can relate more to this movie. However, I don't think I could bail on the job and play roller hockey on the roof.

>>By TheChick   (Tuesday, 27 Jul 2004 00:43)

funny movie....i think my brother would play hockey on the roof and i'd the cast..coca

>>By coca   (Tuesday, 27 Jul 2004 03:15)

Great movie. Kevin Smith, of course, is genious as always.

>>By   (Tuesday, 27 Jul 2004 03:35)

best of them all

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Monday, 2 Aug 2004 07:50)

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