Cinema Paradiso


I loved the digitally remastering of the film, but I am extremely ambivalent about the extended plot. The foregrounding of the love story and its consummation in the one-night fling of the aging Elena and Salvatore, coupled with the treatment of Alfredo's supposed role in keeping them apart, simply smothers the main thrust of the original version. In addition, the gratuitous addition of footage of Toto in the army really adds nothing (but length) to the movie. My memory of the original stuck with me, even if I may have embellished its in remembrance. In some ways, it is like the director's cut of "Blade Runner"--we still hear the voiceover even in its absence and we continue to remember the final scene after the elevator closes.

>>By Ernie Y.   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 04:17)

Can anybody help me!

Last sunday I have seen Nuovo Cinema Paradiso and I fatally falled in love with una actrees and I need to know her name.

She appears in the final scene (kisses, and kisses, and kisses) ¿do you remember? but she doesn´t kiss anybody. She only open her blouse an show her breast !what a beautiful woman! ¿Can anybody tell me her name? Please. Thanks

>>By supermike   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 23:30)

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