Christiane F.- Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo


my name is alona and im 15 years old. i live in israel. when i read the book i was 14. as a teenager the drugs was always avable to me. since i can remember myself i have been atracted to drugs. after i read the book i was amaized! insted of making me keep distans from drugs it did the opiset. i wanted to be like christiane f. and i did. i tried many kainds of drugs. i got adicted to dope. now, after one year since my first try, im still smoke dope. my point is: i know the book is sopowes to keep children away from drugs, but sometimes its giving the pushe to try drugs. be carefull kids! drugs isnt what u think! it rooined my life, and it can rooing yours too!

>>By alona   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 13:12)

i think everybody is nuts!!!how can a book make you want to do drugs!!I think it was a beautiful book, because now i know the reson why some people are addicted to drugs.

read it!!!and have the power to say NO to drugs!!

xxx me

>>By me   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 20:47)

hello everybody,
i am from holland, drugs everewhere, i tried i lot, and stil take hard-drugs. I have red the book manytimes, but the reason that i take drugs is not becuase i red the book. It`s my own choise, it makes me happy and sad, but it`s my live and not the live of christiane f.

>>By girl   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 13:37)

Hello! I'm from Poland. I like Christiane, she has had hard life, I have read this book many times and I think it's great! I tried drugs once-it was extasy. But I know that drugs mean death. So I won't take any tablettes anymore.

>>By iwona   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 13:11)

Hi, i am from Poland. I will say one think. The book make you like Christiane, so you want to be like she, and you try. Please dont read the book. I know it is great but ...alona you have right!!!

>>By Joanna   (Sunday, 8 Jun 2003 17:06)

i think the same like joanna and alona.. i read this book (and many more abaut drugs)and i want to try some drugs, i know that nobady stop me about that. so i think if somebody wants to try ang get more drugs, he do it. thats the true. i want too go to berlin see "bahnhof zoo" and see where christiane get drugs and get the many. i don want to live the same like christiane but i want to try little from her life. thunks for listen. maybe when you read this i've been narcoman.

>>By kasiunia   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 21:43)

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