Carlito's Way


I would have to say that Carlito`s Way is the best movie I have ever seen. Former drug dealer Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) wants to go clean. After getting out if jail with the help of his lawyer/best friend Dave Kleinfeld, Carlito finds himself running the hottest night club in town, but his real dream is to get 75 grand and go to the Bahamas to get a car rental shop. But going clean isn`t so easy when all the street problems follow you. Dave asks Carlito`s help for a big job, and there Carlito cannot refuse:«Dave is my friend, I owe him. That`s who I am, that`s what i am right or wrong, I can`t change that!!» he tells his longtime love Gail. But just when Carlito thinks that he`s OK...He is not OK...A young dealer who was once crazy about him now wants to kill him. So right when Carlito is ready to leave to the Bahamas with Gail (and the baby in her tummy!!!) Benny Blanco, the young dealer, shoots him...And there it goes :«Sorry Boys, all the stiches in the world wouldn`t sow me back together now...» But a part of me does think and wishes that the doctors do find all the stiches in the world and sow him back together, i see carlito walking on a californian beach with Gail and their baby...I see a happy clean Carlito free of all the street problems...and it makes me happy.
So Long Live Carlitooooooooooooooo
:)   (Friday, 9 May 2003 15:25)

I still say that Carlito and Bennie Blanco should have had a disco-dancing contest to settle their differences. It may have saved Carlito's life in the end!

>>By Nico   (Friday, 23 May 2003 03:19)

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