Captain Blood


Captain Blood is one of the best knowns examples of adventure films of the classic hollywood. Michael Curtiz is a director not considered as big as he deserves; i mean, he is considered a good director, not a GREAT director (as, for example, Hawks, Ford, Hitchcock, Walsh otr Welles). thats unjust: michael curtiz filmed some of the best adventure films of all times. and Captain Blood is one of them. he directed too the legendary Casablanca, perhaps one of the two or three favourite movies of the authentic film-lovers.

Based on a novel of the italian-english writer Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950) (from who hollywood adapted some other success, as Scaramouche (dir. George Sidney)) (i read the novel Scaramouche, still didnt see the movie, the novel is good!), Captain Blood joins three talents( Curtiz, Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland) that will be together in two times later giving us two excellent films more (The charge of the light brigade (1936), and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)).

Captain Blood is a pirates history. You will see a lot of topics of that histories there: the kindhearted and romantic pirate, the evil and stupid spanish soldiers :P, swordfighting, funny secondary actors ... the action scenes are great (for example the fight in the beach between Errol and Basil Rathbone)

non stop action in this Warner classic of the golden age!!

a curiosity: some company is developing the adaptation of the Sabatini novel to the videogame. it will be released soon, in the early 2006. you can see some screenshots here:

have a nice day, fellas :) enjoy with films and literature... dream a little i mean, cause films and books were created to dream without asleep...

pd.- people of England...: to arms! hehehe (that or something similar is the beginning of the movie) :P

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