Brotherhood Of The Wolf


Combining amazing fight scenes, a tolerable love story, horror, native American mysticism, and French history (yes this is a foreign film), Brotherhood of the Wolf manages to capture the same feeling of fantasy seen in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but also has the maturity to actually have some violence without the feeling of a slasher flick. the story follows two wanderers named Fransoc and Mani, as they travel across a 16th century French providence investigating the violent attacks the country-side has been suffering. it appears that a large and possibly demonic creature has settled in the forests and has been killing women and children. Fransoc and Mani must uncover the truth behind the Beast and also battle Old World ignorance. throw in a little political intrigue, and you've got yourself an amazing film. as i said this is a foreign film, so be sure to have a quick eye so you can read along, and not miss any of the incredible fight sequences or the breathe-taking landscapes. if this trend keeps up, perhaps more American film studios will begin to make movies like this. i think that we are maturing as an audience and we're finally looking for films that allow us to use our imaginations without feeling childish. i am willing to bet that if this one does well Zu Warriors will make a killing as well, that is once it is released. but for now i am more than willing to be content with Brotherhood.

>>By Led Gopher   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 06:53)

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