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i love this movie! I feal like each character is 1 different part of me im like allof them combined!!!!!! i could watch this movie a billion time and JUDD NELSON!!!!!! omg dont even get me started on him!!!! 1 word: YUMMY!!!!!! lol~~~

>>By happy   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 19:45)

this has to be one of best movies ever. everyone who has seen it loves it, those who havent dont even know what they are missing. the dynamics between the characters grow and change, i feel like i can relate to each one at different times throught out the movie. And Judd Nelson, oh my god. i think i am in love! haha

>>By Manda-Kate   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 03:44)

this movie rocks! I saw it at school it was pretty sweet my teacher mr. H did a movie unit on it! He's the best teacher!

>>By kat   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 01:10)

THIS IS ONLY MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!! Anyone one who get's to see it in school is lucky!! None of my teacher's were ever cool enough to do that. Anyways I can't say enough about this movie, Great actors , great plot just great everything. Though personality wise I'm more like Allison I have to say I love all the characters which is a rarity for me anyways. I keep wishing for a sequel NOT ONE WITH A NEW GENERATION OF BREAKFAST CLUBBERS but one with the orginal fab five if you will. It be so great to see how and if the characters have changed since that fateful meeting. But because of the stupid label the actors got attached to thats a long shot. I'm just hoping for a collectors edition dvd with outtakes and behinds the scenes stuff and new interviews and deleted scenes. That would just rock!! I hope the studio reads this.... or thinks about it.

>>By Melissa   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 05:47)

I absolutly love this movie. I think it was a little too stero-typical of the writers though. Oh well, they got their point across. I also really liked Empire Records. If you guys haven't sceen that yet, than rent it right now! OMG it's soo Funky!

>>By Linwe   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 02:57)

Judd Nelson, oh my god, it's perfectttttt, BEAUTIFULLL, haha.
Well, i looOoOove this movie, what else can i say.. The first time i saw it; first: i fell in love with bender, and second: i can't believe it was thaaat good, I can watch it a billion times again, BENDERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papacito Rikiiiiito... jejeje

>>By Susitarrico   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 22:32)

I feel a **bit** out of place, being the only guy to commet, but oh well. i loved this movie. as a sociology student, it presents a wide array of diverse and dynamic realtionships. yeah, and Nelson is pretty hot. def a movie worth aseeing again. And again. and again. ill have to check out empire records.

>>By xenophage   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 09:23)

This film is good because it points out the sterio types you find in schools. I know for a fact that we had popular pretty girls, rebels, loners, sporty people and geeks. But as you watch the movie you see these people who would normally have nothing to do with each other in school, discover that they are all the same. Scared, lonely and pressured. So they come together to form a friendship that will make them different people because of it. Because they each walked away knowing that noone is different, they are all the same. So not only have they formed a friendship, but valuable life lesson as well.

>>By Mayndi   (Sunday, 8 Aug 2004 18:49)

the 'Brat Pack'

a fun movie with a
Simple Minds theme song
all in all
a bit of a hoot

what's with the Judd Nelson tough guy
character being named..........................
Bender !!!

i'm sure that got a lot of laughs when the movie played in
overseas theatres (Britain, Aussie, New Zealand)
where 'bender' is a slightly derogatory slang term for "gay"

>>By Helmet   (Tuesday, 17 Aug 2004 05:01)

this was a vair vair good movie... i saddens me when clair gives the loner a makover tho... she turns all prepy! AHHHHHHHHHH!

>>By Megano   (Wednesday, 27 Oct 2004 06:13)

Anyone here

>>By Vatasi   (Sunday, 21 Nov 2004 20:46)

IT ROCKS AND YOUR NOT THE ONLY BOY TO POST. I tried out some of the things they did didnt like it i much rather watch it any day but i did like acting up to the teachers like Jhonsen did (thats the criminal my personal favorite if u will) why did they call it the breakfats club anyway but the movie should make millions of dollars!

>>By Vatasi   (Sunday, 21 Nov 2004 20:51)

ANYWAY this movies great im glad i watched it ui give it two thumbs up anone that doesn't like it tell me ill ahh help you

>>By Vatasi   (Sunday, 21 Nov 2004 20:52)

Whree is everyone?

>>By Vatasi   (Sunday, 21 Nov 2004 21:35)

I just watched it and I must say it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long really cheered me up.I guess the most fundamental point in the whole movie was that of friendship,and how you seem to know everything about someone:you have them pigeon-holed into being some stereotypical character but they're anything but.Everyone is unique and we should celebrate's what makes life so colourful...corny,I know but it's how I feel.

>>By endless_nameless   (Wednesday, 16 Feb 2005 02:54)

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