Bowling For Columbine


I'd like to move to Canada. Fear and consumpton... I don't want to buy into that, but I look at myself as an American and I can't help but see it in me, and everyone I know. Even the most liberal person I know buys into it, I don't know if we can escape it. It's in our blood, I guess the same way that killing each other is (according to the movie). I hope that we can find a way to put a stop to it.

>>By g60jason   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 05:15)

The issue at hand has more to do with making our society worth living in than whether or not guns should be sold. This movie brought the original Traffic movie to mind (not its latest counterpart but the original shot between Afganistan/Pakistan and England). In that movie Drugs are the subject but the overall picture painted is not that the dealers or consumers are the innate problem. The problem is learning to deal with problems in society in ways other than campaigning against a single cause and scapegoating it to the point of comedy. Bowling for Columbine achieves this- at its best. At its worst it could be taken as a revolutionary new reason to move to Canada- but I have a feeling Michael Moore had a great deal more to say.

>>By m1ke   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 05:24)

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