Blair Witch Project


bloody great...different from other movies

>>By CuteSoul   (Sunday, 18 Jan 2004 20:13)

complete waste of film

>>By donniefan   (Saturday, 24 Jan 2004 23:01)

This movie is shit

>>By lying eyes   (Friday, 30 Jan 2004 11:08)

I dunno I was Kinda FREAKED OUT when i saw it LoL (i was soooooo immature back then) No wait I'M STILL SCARED!!!=S Ahhhhh!! Sum 1 please tell me it'z total BULLSHIT!?!?!?!?!! That dude iz kinda hot on there hehe! but wutever! lol "I"M SCARED OF THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!!!!" Later ya'll Eh "I AM CANADIAN" hehe

>>By Tye_lover   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 19:07)

I guess it all depends on what frightens you. When you're highly suceptible to suggestion, this movie won't allow you to get any sleep. You create your own fears, even if there's really nothing to see.
If suggestion doesn't have a strong effect on you, I can understand this doesn't tell you anything.

>>By Aywin   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 20:47)

Those who thought it was real thought it was scary until they realised it actually wasn't (real). The second 1 was kak though I must say.

>>By RedHotChiliPepper   (Thursday, 22 Apr 2004 10:59)

Little bit frightens but was keeping in " high voltage" ;)

>>By Eliene   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 17:45)

Although it is not a masterpiece I have to recognize that it was scary in some parts of the film. I think that the remarkable of the film is that it was made with low budget, no stars and above all, the ending.

>>By alfredo   (Wednesday, 5 May 2004 00:08)

I agree the film was didnt make any sense what so ever but i can tell you that blair witch 2..the book of shadows is much better and its pretty freaky as well so i suggest you all watch......

>>By Scousebabe   (Thursday, 20 May 2004 16:35)

Shit No it was Crap

>>By LordJJ   (Thursday, 20 May 2004 16:37)

If you really wanna watch a scary movie, check out "The Last Broadcast." Damn near same premise, as Blair Witch ripped it off...but this is much more scarier.

Not that that waste of film and money BWP was scary...

>>By sir-rape-a-lot   (Monday, 24 May 2004 08:38)

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