Benny And Joon


It was about a girl with schizophrenia and she falls in love with a man but her brother Benny wont let them stay together. by the end they get together because Benny trusts her to look after self and have a apartment.

>>By Mar   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 03:31)

i loved benny and joon it portrayed two unique indivuals and made them shine in front of the whole world and is a dynamic love story that has twists and turns and in this movie johnny really woos this girl

>>By dmb   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 07:02)

I really like this movie!!!! I think Johnny Depp has so much talet and he is very cute!!!

>>By R   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 05:50)

I love the part when joon and johnny are rubbing their faces together, its so funny.

>>By zora   (Tuesday, 13 Jan 2004 17:40)

This movie is just simply beautiful!!!

>>By soaps   (Sunday, 25 Jan 2004 02:32)

This is one of my favorite movies of all time for heart warming story line value.The acting is amazing and the talent of the entire cast is complimentary. I still have Boo Rattley moments :)

>>By wannaBauthor   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 23:22)

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