Being There


I need know what is the last piano theme in the film

>>By jcg777   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 02:49)

I don't get the ending. why does he walk on water??

>>By may   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 07:59)

I think the ending creates the illusion of him walking on water... which is actually a meaningless act that forces the the viewer to be momentarily retarded and completely concentrated on what he/she views on tv, exactly like chance... is this correct?

>>By ihatethiscrap   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 01:09)

I have several theories on that...

1. He walks on water to show that by being unaware of the expectations of others or consensus, or by being truly non-conformist--you can transcend physical laws and the constraints and burdens of reality placed onto us by others and society.

2. He walks on water as a rather obvious Jesus metaphor.

3. He walks on water because like the Roadrunner, he knows reality is groundlessness--that there isn't any firm footing anywhere--any topic or thing that is "absolutely true" or certain. And unlike Wil E. Coyote, he accepts the utter pointlessness and groundlessness of existence so he is freed of conventional laws--whereas the other people are too rooted in absolutes or constructed truth to recognize the relationships between the two. They just see the false dichotomy between constructivism and absolutism so they sink--while he glides on water the same as he does on land--unaware, isolated--yet connected mysteriously to everything at the once.

>>By modgrrrl   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 00:47)

Johnny Mandel did the piano bit at the end.

>>By modgrrrl   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 00:52)

this movie is really all about how humans struggle against the forces of nature and attempt to direct and control and contain it .... notice how natural elements dominate or at least hold their own presence and power in each seen regardless of the presence of further and further remove and illusary attempts or environments cast upon it by humans.

chauncy is attempting to reunify humans and nature every step of the way it seems... only to be found rising higher and higher in the esteem of these people who are 'groundless' in their theorys and ethics as they assume power over the 'world' as they know it.

it comes down to the writers desire to connect the viewer with understanding the difference between the natural world and human ambition when all is said and done.

its not hard to see in the end that chauncy will become some sort of messiah/martyr as they align him with presidency and proceed to tear him apart as they do all public figures while he blatantly disregards standards of common existance by walking on the water and sticking his umbrella in to show he is aware that perception is not all there is to life as we know it... its truly meant to be an ironic metaphor for how he will handle what seems to be a set of inevitablities which will confront him if the plot continued... he is beyond human measure of experience

the movie is sellers last movie and i think his best

>>By zazenista   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 00:29)

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