Behind The Green Door


first best xxx movie

>>By alioop   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 00:48)

marilyn chambers fucks so well, a turn on just thinking about her in action

>>By alioop   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 00:50)

a great porn film,
i live in france and it is very hard to find those old porn film
i tried once to go in a porn shop but they don't have xxx classics just modern and boring porn films directed witheout love and passion.
Is there any director who tries to make some good artistic quality porn?
I think everything is finish, pornography is just a business and not an art anymore
could remember the time
with love from paris

>>By jokoko   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 13:11)

I think Behind the Green Door is a master piece. I just wish Traubman was tied up so I can masturbate to it.

>>By Lance   (Friday, 24 Jan 2003 03:11)

I would have liked the film better if Marilyn Chambers had been
wearing a garter-belt, thigh-high nylons, and sexy, high-heeled opera pumps while getting fucked.

>>By Ohoho   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 14:36)

it's hard to find such good porn flicks with a decent storyline these days!

>>By the one   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 14:04)

Since when do pornos have a story line ???

>>By Rick the stud   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 23:18)

The best sceen was when the guy was lying on the table with his knees bent & the girl was straddled on him using his knees to hold her up & they were fucking for at least ten minutes & she told him DON'T MOVE & she came like a tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By noone   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 18:40)

a classic... Finally an artistic piece of porn! They don't make these anymore... Does anyone have any suggestions of other classic pornos?

>>By Nk   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 02:34)

Does anyone know the name of the movie about the Mitchell brothers who behind the green door ? Iknow its only r-rated but Im curious

>>By kel   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 20:10)

very delicious the sex moments with johnny ANd marilyn

>>By monica lee post   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 21:04)

The name of the movie about the Mitchell Brothers is called (X-Rated) and can be rented at any video store. god bless Marilyn.
If you like classic porn Like Behind the Green Door also check out
Marilyn in (Insatiable 1 and 2)

>>By Ac   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 11:37)

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