Behind Enemy Lines


what is the name of the song when the two go on their joy ride through the snowy mountains?   (Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 05:52)

the film is sadly stupid even with a interressing style of camera ,the principal caractere is annoying and looks every thing than a usaf pilote ... the film is HOT SHOOT 3 , the story is stupid and unreal , the bad christian serbians style nazi against the good islamic bosniacs , the black against the white , again a historical even than the americans do not know shit about , well they get the 11 september, it was the thanks to have defender islamic against christians during this war where every one was involve in atrocity !!!!
well to finish , this movie is bad and i guess it has made a biiiiig
flop in the box office , ha i didn't pay to watch it , at least something good in this pathetic story.

>>By Ralf terranova   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 00:46)

All these bullets shot at him...and only one scratched his arm pfff
dumb americans.
by the way, I think the song was buck rogers by feeder

>>By endless_nameless   (Wednesday, 16 Feb 2005 00:14)

yeah you knew this movie would fail just by watching the tralier when it first came out thats why i never seen in cinema when it was released.....

>>By zeromenace   (Wednesday, 16 Feb 2005 16:48)

Buck rodgers was the song that was on when they were on the aircraft carrier

>>By pinkfluffybrickmeister   (Saturday, 19 Feb 2005 01:31)

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